Guilty Conscience From eBay Sanctioned Probe of Crazeenydriver

guilty conscience

I can no longer have a guilty conscience knowing that I was contacted by someone at eBay Inc to find out who the Crazeenydriver was in late 2011. I contemplated on confessing this for a while now but when the stories about me hit local news and went viral online I actually had to fight back with Hubcapjoes. It would have been great if eBay killed his account quick but they have their own ways of handling threats. Labeling me as a cyber bully and someone who doesn’t pay for his auctions was extremely defamatory but I knew that I wasn’t guilty of those accusations. I never bought anything from eBay seller Hubcapjoes.

I was contacted by someone at eBay after I got started with my Ebayisajoke channel and had actually been following the Crazeenydriver for quite sometime but eBay didn’t know this. The contact wanted me to probe Crazeenydriver somehow to find out who he really was and what his seller ID was when he was bashing eBay and PayPal so I began to call him out by making videos about him to see if he would bite and oh boy did he ever. I knew it wouldn’t be long before one of his subscribers would contact me with the information I needed and where his store was located. I then relayed the information back to the individual at eBay Inc. I verified the email address at the time I recieved his correspondence.

I have to admit I underestimated Joseph Demarco. I didn’t think he would have it in him to run a smear campaign and actually put me in the news. I no longer want any part of this drama and I’m asking for everyone to please leave me alone. If you continue to make videos about me I will continue to write articles about you. My guilty conscience has now been washed clean.

Guilty Conscience – eBay Seller Probe Confession

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Joseph Demarco goes to Philly to setup Ebayisajoke:

Let’s make this very clear, no records were ever produced and/or posted online regarding the reason Joseph Deamrco went to Philadelphia. His reason to go was to beg eBay and PayPal to protect his account by making up a story about Ebayisajoke. If there was any actual evidence or records they would have been posted online along time ago. We believe that the website they are running to smear Ebayisajoke is owned and operated by Joseph Demarco and eBay Inc. eBay has a reputation for going after it’s critics, just google the black budget fund and Shawn Hogan for more information.

Update 5/5/2014:

Sorry Team ebay and all your social media stalkers, my video above was a hoax. This was actually Doc’s idea, and after we saw my video reuploaded to some fake eBay social media shill channels and other places on the internet, myself and Doc finally decided to release a Podcast admitting it was a hoax. This is proof that Hubcapjoes is stalking Ebayisajoke using other people on YouTube to do his dirty work! You GOT EBANGED!

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