Whitey Bulger Mob Snitch Hubcapjoes

Snitch eBay Motors Seller Joseph Demarco Haworth NJ Sits on Grand Juries

grand jury mob snitchSelf Admitted Grand Jury Mob Snitch and admitted Peta Jury participant Joseph Demarco aka eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has appeared on many New York, Boston, and New Jersey Grand Jury’s to help put away murder suspects and other high profile criminals by handing out Guilty Verdicts for Uncle Sam. Many of these cases were even in the news like the Whitey Bulger case. The BBC reported that on October 30th the Notorious Whitey Bulger was murdered in jail by Mafia Hit Man Freddy Geas so don’t be Snitchy. Bulger was found dead hours after he was transferred to West Virginia Prison. Whitey Bulger was a Crime Informant, also known as a “Snitch” in prison and a wanted person. They were trying to get at him for years and finally did. An investigator that knew Freddy Geas told the Boston Globe that “Freddy Hates Rats”.

What is a Grand Jury?

grand jury (12 to 23 people) is a body that investigates criminal conduct. Federal, state and county prosecutors utilize grand juries to decide whether probable cause exists to support criminal charges. ​A regular jury (6 to 12 people) – aka a petit jury– hears only trial cases. A regular jury decides the facts.

Grand Jury Mob Snitch

In this video you’ll see Joseph Demarco admit that he is a member of the Grand Jury on many cases and also gets on Peta Jury’s. This man is sick in the head, he loves bullying people online, he’s recently sent letters to my Employer, called the FBI on me to report to them I had a “Loaded Registered gun” and that I was going to hurt myself or others. He’s called my UAW on me to try and get me terminated, Joseph Demarco is a Snitch, and loves ratting people out. He’s YouTube’s biggest Troll for eBay Inc. Even on his YouTube channel he rats out other sellers on eBay. If you hate Snitches, rats or Crime Informants, or people that attend Jury’s to put people away, visit Joe’s YouTube Channel Crazeenydriver and let him know how you feel. He loves to hear comments questions and concerns so please oblige him.