Google Account Hacker used by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

We now have clear evidence that someone working for Hubcapjoes has hacked into Charles w Fitch of Canton Michigan YouTube channel. That video is posted below at the bottom for evidence so that the FBI can investigate. The “Breaking Blass” account links up with a few unverified or fake YouTube channels, one pictured here below and someone that could be the accomplice working for Hubcapjoes the crazeenydriver or Joe himself?? We prove below that Mattzolo is really Hubcapjoes, the person that’s been emailing us for over 3 years and making joe’s videos.

In the 1st graphic below the Chronicles YouTube channel is Jason Paul Decanio a YouTube (All Caps) cyberbully pulling weight for Joseph Demarco on YouTube. The henchman of shutting down accounts with daily false flags. Yes this man is definitely an abusive troll that has been shut down over 50 times on YouTube for cyber abuse, bullying, threats and wilful misconduct. All you have to do is google “Stranger Danger Jason Decanio” and you’ll be able to read all about this guy. We did him proud but back to joe;

Seller Critic

Someone tried to post these comments using my channel as you can see in the above graphic but I noticed it right away and changed the password on the account. Notice it says “removed from all Trusts and Interests” this is lawyer babble and so do you all remember some weeks ago I received a Cease and Desist letter in email apparently from some eBay lawyer?? well click here to download it! We got no response back from any attorney, and verified he existed, and his bar number was active but he never responded so we assume the letter is fake.

Speaking of fraud remember the Notary fraud evidence video I did a while back?? just to refresh your memory here it is:

For the record: there are currently no PPO protection orders out on Charles w Fitch. The order for protection against the news reporter has expired and not been renewed. Ok back to my hacked YouTube account, notice these comments?

Seller Critic

We can see here this user uses my name the same way as he posted it using my account. – Busted! – not so smart are we Hubcapjoes? Hubcapjoes is using around 5-10 alternate channels on YouTube to bully and harass and all have been documented and reported to Google.

Some of his channels are:

  • crazeenydriver
  • crazeenycards
  • crazeenydrivernyc
  • detroit breaking news

Joseph J Demarco also goes by the name MattZolo email address [email protected] of which we uncovered through a private investigator that did some online sleuthing and code slinging for us. They put together this nice graphic below proving that [email protected] is the email address used for his Optimum internet account. Disclaimer: no accounts were hacked, the investigator simply verified use of the email with Optimum Online.

Charles w Fitch Canton Michigan

Finally here’s a video I made proving I’m the legal owner of the YouTube account shown in the video, and I go on to also show how they used my account in 2016 to verify or get SMS text messages with it’s google voice account. If there’s something good in the voice mails I’ll be sure to include it below as an update.

Google Account Hacked by Hubcapjoes Hacker

Keith Detwiler – Google Account Hacker working for Seller Hubcapjoes:

Youtube Channel was hacked by someone working for eBay Inc

Audio of an unstable eBay Seller:

A rogue eBay seller named Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube has been caught having a “psychotic break” or meltdown which was accidentally recorded in one of his latest videos he uploaded to YouTube on November 28th 2017. While doing his abusive video for YouTube the mad man goes off the deepend apparently while talking on the phone and didn’t realize his pc was recording his child like outbursts.

Symptoms of psychotic breaks vary greatly, usually depending on the circumstances of diagnosis or any contributory substance ingested. Symptoms can range from harmless, sometimes unnoticed delusions, to violent outbursts and major depression.

This man is actually Sick in the Head and now we finally get a glimpse of what’s going on inside the twisted head of Crazeenydriver!; says eBayisajoke.

The moral of the story is, be careful who you deal with on eBay. You may come across a dangerous deranged lunatic like Hubcapjoes. eBay should feel proud of their spokesman.