Handgun Review Video by eBay Critic eBayisajoke Finally Found

glock handgun reviewThis is the original gun safety Glock Handgun Review video that couldn’t be found for many years, that Hubcapjoes hid from the public, but someone had it all along and we want to thank the Georgia man for finally sending it in. The Glock Handgun Review video was produced in 2013 by eBayisajoke the eBay critic, then accused by Rob Wolchek Investigative reporter from Fox 2 news Detroit of threatening him in the YouTube video and filed for a personal protection order multiple times from 2013-2016 because eBayisajoke tried to file one on Hubcapjoes. Talk about abusing the courts and PPO’s – Obviously Rob didn’t practice at all what he was preaching in the 2nd hit piece did he?

Rob Wolchek Audio on PPO abuse:

Transcript of Rob Wolchek PPO Case against Charles Fitch:
Rob Wolchek PPO Case vs Charles Fitch Part 1 07-08-2014 Download
Rob Wolchek PPO Case vs Charles Fitch Part 2 07-22-2014 Download

eBayisajoke’s Comments about the case:

Page 15 line 3:
The Judge has an abuse and neglect case and wants to schedule the rest of the hearing for another time. Remember Rob Wolchek telling viewers on Fox 2 news that Charles Fitch was taking up valuable court time and keeping serious cases from being heard? well man you looked silly and getting a ppo by you was the highlight of dealing with you and making you look silly as an investigative what?

Page 23 Line 6:
Rob lie #1 states that when his name is pulled up on google many defamatory articles come up about him. This is not true. Ebayisajoke only posted articles to eBayblows.org and 1 other wordpress website, Neither of the articles at the time were indexed by google.

Page 25 Line 16:
the judge doesn’t know how to handle and admit exhibits this by now is a shit show. The petitioner’s lawyer tries to insert bogus non factual and non-verified emails and pictures to the court. Wait till you read about the dogs being poisoned on page 28 line 19.

Page 41 Line 12:
The Gun tutorial video comes into the case video clip 2 in exhibit 8

Page 42 Line 14:
The Judge plays games to cost me more money with my lawyer and instead of finishing it she adjournes it for another date.

This case is so funny especially when the Petitioner Rob Wolchek couldn’t produce evidence of his dogs being poisoned then tried submitting a regular vet bill to the court hoping the court wouldn’t look at it and question it. I leave you part 2 of the PDF’s to read. All I can say is read between the lines. Rob Wolchek and his people are all Gang Stalkers that cyberstalked me and pissed me off. They didn’t expect someone to fight back. My beef isn’t with Rob Wolchek, I’m just describing here what took place and my public defense.

The judge never saw the gun safety review video because the lawyer for Rob Wolchek didn’t want it to be seen in the courtroom cause both sides agreed it was just a safety unboxing video and had nothing to do with threatening Rob Wolchek. This video puts the nail in the coffin for Hubcapjoes and impeaches Rob Wolchek’s testimony, and proves he lied in a courtroom under oath to Oakland County Court Judge Karen McDonnald which totally exonerates the man behind the mask known as eBayisajoke. My opinion about Judge Karen McDonnald isn’t a fair Judge, that looks at truthful evidence, ignores court rules, and just does what she wants. I saw the writing on the wall after the initial PPO hearing which is why I never attempted to appear for his continued PPO extension requests. This Judge’s courtroom is a joke pardon the pun. I’ve also talked to many lawyers that have been in her courtroom for family cases and they don’t think she should remain on the bench. This case against me should have been heard by someone else and not a family court Judge.

Original Glock 2013 Handgun Review Video by eBayisajoke

The original hit piece done on Fox 2 news at the direction of eBay Spokesman and seller Hubcapjoes aka Joseph Demarco, Wolchek pulls the mask off ‘Internet Bully’ – Story | WJBK – Fox 2 News the Michigan man is a typical working Law biding honest citizen and didn’t do any brandishing or boasting of any gun to threaten anyone. It was a Glock Handgun Review safety video. Hubcapjoes aka YouTube channel Crazeenydriver has been using a Florida man to upload abusive and repulsive video content to fake YouTube Channels about the man’s Workplace trying to get him terminated from his Union job by stating that the critic has a “Loaded Registered Gun and is Dangerous”. He’s trying to get YouTuber’s to call his workplace and file bogus complaints on the worker. This is called Corporate Gang Stalking and Targeted Harassment by an eBay seller and Joseph Demarco’s selling privileges should be removed. Do you want to be apart of eBay while all this is going on?

Glock Handgun Review Doxing eBay Sellers

In this audio file you’ll hear eBay Seller Hubcapjoes admit to doxing the workplace of the Seller Critic by using a tactic of which he tries to incite YouTuber’s to do his dirty work by calling his employer to file fake complaints on him in order to get him terminated from his Union Job. The audio section of me talking about my wheel lugs was factual and truthful. I recently had my neighbor show me one of my wheel lugs that had come off my tire landing out on the street in front of my house.

hubcapjoes ebay sellerI had to setup inferred imaging cameras outside the house in order to possibly catch whoever is doing this for Hubcapjoes. Any video footage will be shown on this site and posted as an update to this article. This eBay seller is very dangerous and is also posting my house and address on his offshore website. Hubcapjoes is sick in the head and should not be selling on eBay. Amazon doesn’t want him, we made sure he can’t ever sell any Dirty Hubcaps on Amazon. They denied him right when he tried creating his seller account the very first day. The YouTube channel Crazeenydriver also needs to be shut down for spam. In the audio below you’ll hear Hubcapjoes making fun of terminated sellers.

Hubcapjoes eBay Seller Appears on eBay Radio – Glock Handgun Review

eBay Radio host Jim Griff maybe helping Hubcapjoes abuse and harass people on YouTube using spam. They seem to keep their harassment only on YouTube for some reason, and if you listen to the show posted here below you’ll hear Griff (eBay Staff) and assistant support the abusive eBay seller Hubcapjoes, and the real reason why he has a big audience on YouTube is because eBay and Lithium Technologies has produced fake sub accounts and inflated his video views on all his videos along with comments by these accounts to give the channel an appearance of being popular. I’m currently working on this to let YouTube know that the channel is a spam channel created and maintained by not only Joseph Demarco but eBay Inc. As you can see by some of the video descriptions where it appears a 3rd party is uploading his content for him. It may even be his abusive YouTube partner and brother CliffviewPilot and blog writer for the Daily Voice Jerry Demarco ex Police officer or rent a cop. This guy Jerry thinks he’s an investigator but doesn’t have a license to investigate dog poop.

Facebook Groups mentioned in Segment:


These abusive people have a reputation for running people out if their not pro-ebay, so start demanding that they stop support of Hubcapjoes else you’ll close down you’re seller account and move to Amazon! Well you should do that anyway actually. This graphic proves Hubcapjoes loves to abuse people from his eBay store. He sold this shot glass for $15 in hopes to raise money illegally on eBay for his abuse and harassment.

Hubcapjoes Behind the Scenes Footage!

Glock Handgun Review – eBay Bully Evidence Exposed

This graphic below shows evidence that Joseph Demarco eBay seller Hubcapjoes owns an offshore website that targets people (former sellers/buyers) in the United States to get out of being NARU’ed on eBay. With the site technically being offshore eBay Inc can’t legally reprimand the seller and remove his selling privileges because Hubacpjoes has eBay by the Balls. He sings and it’s all over for eBay Inc. This image shows the original whois info when he let the Name Privacy expire by mistake and we caught it and captured it. Our critic sites have also been ddos’ed by the server co-location company Telepoint which hosts Blue Angel Hosting. Odly enough they brag about how they prevent DDos’ing but turn around and actually do it themselves and claim eBayisajoke’s Glock Handgun Review is somehow threatening to them.


Running off Buyers for wanting a refund or return