Global Shipping Program Probably A Scam

global shipping program

By: eccentrics99

I am from Thailand & I recently made a purchase of an item from ebay using the Global Shipping Program. It is a Bose speaker.

I was in doubt in the first place and sent an email to ebay support to double confirmed about the claim that I do not need to pay any custom charges as I’ve paid them upfront with the Global Shipping Program. I was assured that I need not to pay anything extra upon delivery.

The package reached FedEx Thailand facility on 2 October and amazingly FedEx Thailand seems mixed up the package with other package that my company used to order using FedEx service. I was told that I need to get a forwarded to clear the package on my own which after that I got one of my colleague to speak with the customer service and got it sort out. YES! They miss-understood the package and thought it was some aircraft spare part. OH My… these FedEx dudes work like robot and don’t even read the item description on the shipping slip!

And the next nightmare came, the package was hold ‘in cage’ by customs of Thailand, which I believe this was caused by FedEx as they ‘thought’ it was aircraft spare part. Anyhow, 7 days later, as of today, after numerous calls to FedEx Thailand, which seems like having different personnel picking the calls and no one really following up on this case; today I received a slip of custom charges at THB7829.15 (about USD250). Not forgetting to mention that in FedEx tracking system, the package was noted as released from customs on 3 October and signed, received by consignee on 4 OCT!!! is this a way on how FedEx Thailand keep up their KPIs?

So the question now is, I have black and white email proof from ebay customer service global shipping program assuring me that I DO NOT need to pay anything else upon delivery of my item, and yet I still get charged for this ridiculous custom charges which in the first place I will not bought the item from ebay if it wasn’t the assurance given.

I have written to ebay again and hopefully they will revert me soonest with the so-called ‘solution’ to this case. Till then, for those buyers outside of US who is in doubt about Global Shipping Program, especially those in Thailand, please take note, IT IS NOT WORKING AS IT IS CLAIMED by ebay. and to FedEx Thailand, you sucks.