Detroit Reporter Gets Owned by Seller Critic Hall of Shame!

Fox 2 News Rob Wolchek blocked the Seller Critic while attempting to follow the Rob Wolcheck Twitter feed. Seems as though Rob Wolchek is trying to prevent the other side’s story from getting out. Rob Wolchek is a one-sided story-teller and the only thing he exposed was an eBay critic. This inexperienced over the hill journalist should be walking dogs at an old age home working on his tan to impress old Agna that works the nightly bingo machine. Rob Wolchek got more than what he bargained for when he did a story about eBayisajoke who is an anti-eBay and PayPal critic. eBayisajoke doesn’t have a criminal record of any kind and has never done anything illegal, yet Rob Wolcheck was able to plaster his face and a bogus lie about Ebayisajoke bidding on eBay items and not paying all over the internet with the assistance of WJBK-TV studios.

Rob Wolchek Gets Put in the Hall of Shame

Rob Wolchek is not a true journalist, he is a shock jock spewing his garbage all over for tv ratings. His producers are on YouTube uploading the video to multiple fake YouTube channels in hopes to get the video to go viral but YouTube has removed many of the accounts for duplicate content policy violations. Seller Critic calls Rob Wolchek an “Old Buzzard” and shows on video just where this guy went wrong. The Seller Critic also shows how Rob Wolchek fell for a huge line of bullshit from Joseph DeMarco and even got spoofed by an admitted eBay Shill SpokonZaga Pete who spins and tries to brainwash people from his cubical. This story is going to wind up biting you in the ass if it hasn’t already.

Fox 2 News Rob Wolchek

eBayisaJoke has no criminal record and all you succeeded in doing was outing an eBay Critic that makes in your face videos to expose corporate fraud at eBay Inc. You outed a guy that likes to sit home and do internet tasks.

You made fun of his eating habits. You made fun of him going to the movies. Who’s the real bully? But you couldn’t expose him doing anything illegal. Rob Wolchek has been placed in the Shillbusters Hall of Shame.

Apology to eBayisajoke by Keith Detwiler of YouTube:

Where have you ben Price Wars? eBayisajoke gives his side here.