Foreign Judgement Lien Keith A Detwiler

Foreign Judgement Lien filed on eBay Seller for Bad Debts

Foreign Judgement LienA Foreign Judgement Lien was placed on an eBay/YouTube Troll named Keith Allen Detwiler for non-payment of debt. Creditors can file a “Foreign Judgement Lien” against you for debts that you owe. Seems as though Keith Allen Detwiler isn’t the best business man that he claims to be after all and the documents are posted below. In Superior Court Asset Acceptance LLC sued Keith Allen Detwiler in 2009 right after he was awarded his home through a “Quit Claim” deed then a Foreign Judgement Lien came down on him of which he had to pay or face losing his property. I wonder if he’s squatting in the home illegally and really doesn’t even own it but nobody will question him about it because of the house being on a hill falling down into the back yard, maybe the city can’t sell it or something else is going on with the property at 701 Bonnie Dell Dr. Marietta GA. I wish Mr. Detwiler would just come clean about the home’s status and if he’s squatting in it why he thinks he can do that.

Keith Detwiler is 47 years old today because Keith’s birthday is on 01/01/1972. Keith’s Reputation Score is 4.22. Fowlerville, MI, is where Keith Detwiler lives today. We have lots of information about Keith: religious views are listed as Christian, ethnicity is Caucasian, and political affiliation is unknown. Keith’s relationship status is married and has no kids. Keith has many family members and associates who include¬†Anita Detwiler, Paul Detwiler, Gabrielle Brewer, and Michelle Brewer. Keith has a reported annual income of $10 – 200.00 and a current net worth value of less than $1,000 – $1,500, you damn broke boy. Keith Allen Detwiler no longer lives in Fowlerville, MI. Below I’ve attached copies of his court pleadings in 2009. Oh Mr. Dirtbag, you’re a real loser indeed. You been doing lots of shady stuff according to the investigator.

Final Order of the court (Keith Lost)

After this article posted, Keith A Detwiler has since posted about me on his website saying that I was going to die and that he was going to wack me. He even posted a video about this and threatened me before but I am not afraid of him and he knows what kinda trouble I could get him into but I want him to dig himself a larger hole so he can put himself in it. Keith A Detwiler tried to lie his way out of this one and claimed that the court documents about him which can also be found online are not him but they are. I have tied him into the documents and case with his former addresses in Michigan and he still claims it’s not him.

In this video below I created a response to Keith A Detwiler the eBay YouTube troll working for a Top Rated nasty abusive bullying ebay seller named Hubcapjoes. Keith Detwiler sticks up for the eBay seller by posting a website just like in order to gain the rank of a General, but we all know Biz Hacks aka Keith A Detwiler is just nothing but cadet in training. His diapers are so wet right now we have to hang Keith in front of a large fan to let him dry out. You’ll hear the so called “Disabled” retard trying to lie his way out of this paper bag but he can’t because I have tied to this case with all his addresses and he’s just upset because the poop ran down his leg and into his socks.

The rest of the documents are located here on Keith Allen Detwiler being investigated

This may have been a credit card company placing a lien on his property which is what a creditor will do if they have no job to garnish wages. Keith at one time owned property. The 1750 address is one of the last properties he owned or his family owned that was taken from him. He may have owed more than the said amount in the document, but when there is an “Asset Recovery” from a Foreign Judgement Lien that usually means a home was involved. Keith got eBanged. What Keith A Detwiler is doing is reflecting on the years past that he was a landlord possibly that made some money on a few units. When the units/properties went belly up due to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, most people lost their ass while trying to flip homes.

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