Florida Website Exposes Long Time eBay Seller Bully Joe De Marco

For a long time now eBay Seller Bully Joe Demarco has been featured on a website called eBayBullies.com for abusing people online and on sites like YouTube. A private source told us that Joe De Marco of Haworth New Jersey creates scripted complaints of fake users on YouTube to complain about the policies he hates so much on eBay as a seller. Joe De Marco is an online Bully and it’s been alleged that he abuses his pets. Joe De Marco’s neighbor has even come forward to speak about Joe being belligerent to the neighbors on his street, starting fights, and creating public disturbances in various restaurants.

Joe De Marco sells under a username on eBay called “Hubcapjoes” and has been seen putting up websites about people and calling out his own buyers on his YouTube Channel. We will show you some evidence below of a Florida buyer that was abused by Joe De Marco and some of his online friends at eBay Inc.

eBay Employee admits eBay is Protecting Hubcapjoes:

Hubcapjoes telling people to file chargebacks on PayPal:

Please visit eBaybullies.com for more information on this eBay Seller. Hubcapjoes was caught in a lie, eBay Critic Charles Fitch was exonerated by the his peers in the court of Public Opinion. Here is evidence:

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Joe De Marco Caught Bullying

I will not stop until Justice is served and Charles Fitch is in Jail, I have someone to upload videos or I will upload videos everyday, I will keep uploading.

Hubcapjoes admits He’s Paid Off

Hubcapjoes also commits Feedback abuse on eBay by constantly calling eBay Inc for them to manipulate or remove his bad negative feedback and ratings. He’s also been creating many fake YouTube accounts to upload nasty content, to troll and hate on people like eBay Critic eBayisajoke.