Hubcapjoes Gets Feedback Removed by eBay Corporate Friends

Feedback Removed by eBay

Is it fair when eBay Motors Top Rated Seller Hubcapjoes gets special preferential treatment from eBay corporate friends when it comes to getting his Feedback Removed by eBay? Should he be allowed to keep his top rated seller discount status? On Friday 4/11/2014 Joseph Demarco received a negative feedback by a buyer that claimed Joe’s item description 370626936457 was both deceitful and misleading. The buyer expressed this in the feedback comment he left for Hubcapjoes. The buyer ordered what he thought was a “Brand New” Factory Hubcap at a certain dimension and received something different (according to Joseph’s YouTube Video). The buyer claimed the item was not as described (INAD).

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The buyer left appropriate negative feedback accurately and truthful describing the issue with the listing and upon further investigation we found that the buyer was correct. The item description was deceitful and misleading, and even lacked other important information which is typical of how Hubcapjoes lists his items on eBay Motors. We also once again caught Joe in a lie when he stated the buyer was a zero feedback buyer. He wasn’t, the buyer had 62 positive feedbacks (blue star) on his record, but we’re quite sure at this point Joe had gotten this buyer kicked off eBay for no reason. He is a master of manipulating eBay Motors employees for his own benefit and enjoyment. This is not the first time we were able to show maleficence on the part of Joseph Demarco.

Misleading Item Description

The following video was taken on 4/12/2014 of the Hubcapjoes Seller account:

Negative Feedback Bomb Drops on Hubcapjoes

Feedback Removed by eBay Inc

Roy Daves Senior VP Sales eBay Motors

On Sunday 4/13/2014 Hubcapjoes got his negative feedback removed by his corporate friends at eBay as predicted. eBay also bumped up his DSR rating back to 5.0 and removed the buyer’s feedback comment altogether. We can’t confirm who did this but we suspect someone at eBay core or Roy Daves (Senior VP of eBay Motors Sales Pictured with Joseph Demarco) had something to do with it. This is special preferential treatment that isn’t afforded to other eBay sellers which is why we feel the need to speak out about this. A great article on Shillbusters was written titled “Is CrazeeNyDriver New Official Spokesperson For eBay Motors” can be found here.

Feedback Removed by eBay

Feedback Removed by eBay

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Feedback Removed by eBay

To view Hubcapjoes past negative feedback on eBay Motors Click Here for Toolhaus. This will bring up all his past feedback from this seller account going all the way back to December 1999. You will notice a pattern of behavior in the feedback left by the buyers showing Joseph Demarco’s attitude with buyers. Many claim he is rude and that he’ll even hang up on you if you try calling him. You can even google a video called “Ebay Bully Beatdown” of him describing how he takes care of his buyers. You’ll also notice how many buyers are “No Longer a Registered User” (NARU) or had their accounts removed from eBay due to Hubcapjoes reporting them. Before the news story broke out about Joseph Demarco in 2013 he didn’t have many connections at eBay or PayPal.

He tried to target an eBay critic character known as Ebayisajoke, on YouTube after being called out in front of his subscribers then having him followed by people to slander and defame him publicly. Once all that backfired on Joseph Demarco, he’s now scrambling to save his business due to his own embarrassment. His Twitter account was recently banned for spam after harassing thousands of people and oranizations using social media. When Hubcapjoes loses his business on eBay he’ll be left with only a pot (Hub cap) to piss in.