False YouTube Copyright Claim by Jason Paul Decanio

The Queens New Yorker better known as Jason DeCanio from Oviedo Florida YouTube Channel filed false DMCA video copyright claims on Doc’s YouTube channel from Ebay Bullies last week and today his video was reinstated through the appeal process. He has been filing bogus complaints on people and has also been using other anonymous Youtube channels to flag videos during the Coronavirus. We call Jason Paul Decanio a YouTube Copyright Pirate. #youtubecopyrightpirate

Both of these bullies have been engaged in what we call cyber terrorism along with other silent individuals we call sock puppets or Lithium Technology shills working for eBay Inc. We refer to these individuals on YouTube as Team eBay. We believe Jason DeCanio is behind many of the YouTube Ebayisajoke channels being flagged and removed wrongfully to keep Ebayisajoke off YouTube but that will not happen. It’s easier now more than ever to create new accounts to get the message out about eBay and PayPal. Team Ebayisajoke will keep the heat on until people start doing the right things. If it means going after channels we will do it like them. Jason DeCanio has harassed myself and Doc using fake YouTube channels. Jason along with his other online YouTube friend Spokonzaga Pete has sent threatening messages through YouTube and has also resorted into filling out fake magazine subscription cards on Ebayisajoke by the dozens committing a federal crime of US Mail Fraud. Please watch the video below of Doc’s original YouTube video originally shut down by Jason.

Queens New Yorker Answers This Article

Jason Decanio admits to flagging many YouTube (videos) accounts and in this video while he beats himself up quite literally, he states he will continue to do it and that he won’t stop. Jason Decanio needs mental help and his place of employment should be notified about his serious online actions or cyber terrorism and abuse of other US Citizens. He claims he works at Orlando Resort Disney in FL. I just hope this lunatic isn’t a pharmacist in their store because I would not appreciate this guy dispensing Schedule of controlled Substances (drugs) while putting out videos about himself threatening people with guns and stuff. He may be in violation of 21 USC ยง 812. Serious abusive conduct while licensed through the State of Florida may be subject to forfeiture of a pharmaceutical license.

Doc Responds to Jason Decanio