Executive Compensation Package At Ebay Inc

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation, Would you like to know who’s responsible for sucking eBay dry of your hard-earned seller and PayPal fees? Reuters supplies us with a list of eBay Executive compensation information for their top brass which reveals what each person is making on the books per year with John Donahoe being the major earner at $29M. As we know most CEO’s do not deserve the kinds of payouts we see them getting and John Donahoe certainly doesn’t deserve what he is making for his disruptive policies he put in place to hurt honest small home based businesses from making a living online through e-commerce. I wonder if eBay Inc pays an effective corporate tax rate or any taxes at all. A recent study revealed that out of 280 Fortune 500 companies all only paid an average of 18.5% in taxes when the corporate tax rate is 35%.

If eBay isn’t paying an effective corporate tax, at the same time putting people out of business for no reason, wouldn’t it be a good idea for the consumer protection agency to step in and look into the business practices of eBay Inc for possible violations of trade? Or how about the ACLU step in and file some law suits on behalf of the many thousands of small home based businesses losing their accounts for no reason other than the fact that they are a small seller or discriminated against in some other way. eBay is sucking the troff dry and you have to ask yourself what exactly do these people do to earn the money they are making and what are they doing with it. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could spend 29 Million dollars in my lifetime unless I was buying up real estate all over the globe each year. eBay’s executives make way too much money, nothing is being given back to the sellers, (the actual customers) of their products. How about the moms and pops that you booted off get a compensation.

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