Sellers Still Charging Excessive Shipping on eBay Items To Skirt Final Value Fees

excessive shippingTop Rated Sellers on eBay are still Inflating Shipping Costs or charging excessive shipping on their items in order to skirt the High Final Value Fees eBay charges sellers once an item finally sells. We found an item being sold by a friend of Hubcapjoes called aboss429ataol where he lists Ford F-150 Fender Flares for 43.99 but then charges $138.20 in shipping.

The seller has a 99% Positive Feedback record with over 41k items sold since Jan of 2000 but still charges Excessive Shipping on various products he lists. You can’t say eBay doesn’t know about aboss429ataol because I’m sure they do, and why they allow such outright violations today is beyond me. This seller does business from Trenton New Jersey and has ties to eBay Seller and Buyer Bully Joseph DeMarco. eBay’s Avoid Paying Fees Policy.

Excessive Shipping Charges on eBay Items by Top Sellers Inflating Costs to Avoid Paying Fees