Ex-eBay Executives Charged with Cyberstalking Critics

Six former employees of the site sent threatening messages and deliveries to a couple after the e-commerce newsletter they published wrote about a lawsuit involving eBay.

Some of the tactics used by eBay to Gang Stalk their critics are as follows:

  1. Getting Locals to formulate complaints in order to put you on local news to smear your personal reputation.
  2. Filling out Magazine Subscription cards to get dozens of Magazines sent to one’s residence or sending letters to neighbors.
  3. Driving by your house at all hours of the night, or following you to work to see where you go and who you see.
  4. Gaslighting or manipulating others to use hate speech against you.

James Baugh, 45, of San Jose, California
eBay’s former senior director of safety and security

David Harville, 48, of New York City
eBay’s former director of global resiliency

Stephanie Popp, 32, of San Jose
Stephanie Stockwell, 26, of Redwood City
Veronica Zea, 26, of San Jose
Brian Gilbert, 51, of San Jose

BOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Six eBay employees mounted a cyberstalking campaign — including sending boxes of live cockroaches and a Halloween mask of a bloody pig’s face — against a couple who ran an online e-commerce newsletter, according to charges filed by federal prosecutors on Monday.

Unhappy with the newsletter’s coverage of eBay, the employees, none of whom now work at the company, barraged the couple with threatening emails and sent disturbing deliveries, including a funeral wreath and a book on how to survive the death of a spouse, said Andrew E. Lelling, the United States attorney for Massachusetts, in a news conference on Monday. Several of the employees drove to the couple’s home to spy on them, he said.

They were not merely unhappy, they were enraged,” Mr. Lelling said, describing how one former eBay executive told a fellow executive in a text message that he wanted to “crush” the woman in the couple, who live in Natick, Mass., a Boston suburb. The result, Mr. Lelling said, “was a systematic campaign, fueled by the resources of a Fortune 500 company, to emotionally and psychologically terrorize this middle-aged couple in Natick with the goal of deterring them from writing bad things online about eBay.

Prosecutors charged the six people with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses. Among them, two former eBay officers — James Baugh, the company’s former senior director of safety and security, and David Harville, the company’s former director of global resiliency — were arrested on Monday morning.

Also charged in the case was a former senior manager of special operations for eBay’s global security team, who is a former police captain, according to the complaint.

In a company post on Monday, eBay said it had fired all the involved employees last year, including the company’s former chief communications officer. EBay also said that an internal investigation had examined whether the company’s chief executive at the time, Devin Wenig, had played any role in the Cyberstalking Smear Campaign. More individuals online including the guy depicted below is also guilty of Cyberstalking Critics but have not yet been charged.

Joseph DemarcoOnce person that has been forgotten in all this is eBay PR Guy on YouTube Joseph A DeMarco of Haworth NJ, recently seen reenacting the George Floyd Death with his Brother Jim on June 8th 2020. This man had made admissions that he has gotten me put on the news and that he was paid for it by eBay Inc. We are currently speaking with the US Attorney General’s office in Massachusetts about the case and we will bring more information as it comes to light. He has recently produced a video on YouTube defending his eBay friends at the company and may know a lot more about all the cyberstalking being done over at eBay.

An eBay seller named Joseph A. Demarco from Oradell New Jersey aka Hubcapjoes outs eBay for Shipping Delays sighting that the Coronavirus is to blame, and why doesn’t the packages get to his buyers on time could be due to his slow shipping and customer service he provides but wants eBay to step in and tell his buyers that slow shipping in the North East is not his fault. Crazeenydriver does this by blaming eBay for all his problems as a seller. Just in the last few days he’s received over 8 returns and many refund requests. Hubcapjoe is a buyer’s bully and seller fraudster on eBay.  We know this because in the past 15 years he’s been able to remove over 300 Negative feedbacks. The lesson here folks is stay away from sellers like this. Human Trash like this will give you grief. His days on eBay are numbered now.

  • Joe Demarco involved in Negative PR Campaign behind eBay
  • eBay Sellers hire low level Trolls on Youtube to Bully Creators
  • Hubcapjoes says nobody should be able to own guns
  • Crazeenydriver has been banned from many Junkyards

eBay YouTube PR Employee Hubcapjoes & Brian Burke should also be Charged

After the recent events we noticed Rob Wolchek has pulled the story about the eBay Troll bidding on Joe DeMarco’s Hubcaps and not paying just to leave negative feedback to hurt his business. We have proven all that was a lie, but when we uncovered Joe DeMarco eBay Seller and his brother reenacting the George Floyd Death and wrote about it in our blogs, the Story on Fox2News Detroit about eBayisajoke has mysteriously disappeared. Maybe Fox2News Detroit and Rob Wolchek doesn’t wish to be tied in with this garbage, but it’s too late. I’m sure when Brian Burke and Joe DeMarco gets Deposed to further prove additional Cyberstalking, they may call in Wolchek roll over on the good old driver.