Emotionally Disturbed Person Terrorizing eBay and YouTube

emotionally disturbed personEmotionally Disturbed Person Hubcapjoes selling on eBay Terrorizing the YouTube Community has been exposed my a local reporter in Michigan.

Meet Crazeenydriver, who might be the world’s only dedicated eBay Critic troll on YouTube terrorizing critics to ruin their reputation while eBay knows about it.

Crazeenydriver’s M.O., judging by his YouTube channel, is to expose eBay’s Critics and bad buyers or report his competitors. Its MasterCard deal is a scam. Its payment system violates California law. eBay uses trolls on YouTube to discredit and bully its users. And so on. Disguising himself using many channels and paying people like Biz Hacks to create channels for him to attack people that expose him as a buyer’s bully, he gives all sellers a bad name and continues to get his abusive channels shut down for terms of use violations.

Hubcapjoes Intimidates his Buyers – Just Bad Business?

But according to Fox 2 News of Detroit‘s Rob Wolchek this Emotionally Disturbed Person has been made out as a saint, but every Friday does videos about eBay’s poor policies, shipping and returns and claims he doesn’t care if his customers are unhappy with his service and products. According to Rob Wolchek, Hubcapjoes’s has positive feedback on eBay but his true history has been deleted by eBay which tells a different story not reported in 2012.

All his negative feedback’s get removed by employees working at eBay with just one phone call, so the rating system at eBay doesn’t work. Examples of this emotionally disturbed person’s mafia style terrorism can be found on various YouTube channels created by trolls working for Joseph Demarco running cyberbullying campaigns are found here and here.

Hubcapjoes or Crazeenydriver loves to take advantage of YouTube’s video hosting to attack and dox the community. Hubcapjoes is guilty of Cyber Crime and Revenge Crime stalking against the elderly of Doc from Doc’s Quality Cars. This guy is alao an eBay Critic and Hubcapjoes allegedly paid a man named Sunil Shahzad (owner of a hosting data center in Sofia Bulgaria) to DDOS his website.

Employment Doxing by Hubcapjoes

In this audio file you’ll hear eBay Seller Hubcapjoes admit to doxing the workplace of another eBay Seller and online Critic by using a tactic of which he tries to incite YouTuber’s to do his dirty work by calling an employer to file fake complaints on an employee. In the additional audio file below, Tommy Watson points out that this is one of the tactics along with making the public think that there is something wrong with the targeted individual (TI) to cast doubt on person’s sanity.

Evidence of Cyberstalking with offshore Website Owned by Hubcapjoes – this website is owned by eBay seller Hubcapjoes and is hosted outside the U.S to avoid breaking the terms of use at eBay Inc. This suggestion was given to him by his friend and eBay/PayPal employee Scott Henshaw and the legal team of eBay Inc and General Council Marie Huber

On Joe’s official abusive hate site hosted outside the United States, chuckfitchscammer.com, this Emotionally Disturbed Person identified as Joseph Demarco of Haworth NJ still posts abusive hate speech to cyber-stalk Charles Fitch of Michigan. An interview was conducted by Charles Fitch with some eBay Community members and they admitted eBay does this to all kinds of sellers.


Emotionally Disturbed Person Working at eBay INc

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Emotionally Disturbed Person and Dangerous Cyber Bully

Rob Wolchek hired professional investigators to track down Hubcapjoes, who they identified as Joseph Demarco, a resident of Haworth New Jersey suburbs. Hubcapjoes is also listed on the New Jersey State’s website as an employee for the NJ State corrections Department.

Hubcapjoes rarely leaves his house except for visits to various restaurants and coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Hubcapjoes seems far more concerned with smearing elderly people, and inciting hate than running his business eBay consistently hosts Hubcapjoes on eBay radio so they know what he’s been doing and they condone the hate and abuse. When will Devin Wenig suspend this seller and get rid of the black eye he’s given to eBay Inc?