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Elliott Associates Strict Letter to the Board of eBay for a Takeover?

Elliott Associates, L.P. and Elliott International, L.P eBay Investments Letter to the board of eBay. eBay Seller’s Hubcapjoes and Indoor Thrift¬†are abusing the seller community. eBay has been allowing these sellers to get away with online harassment for a very long time on YouTube. Seller’s on eBay that abuse the platform and people outside the company should be NARU’ed immediately for online criminal web stalking and harassment against other eBay users. Why? cause it’s just wrong and hurts the brand.

Two sellers are on YouTube web stalking and harassing former sellers of eBay by telling people to call their workplace and falsely report them by saying their dangerous and they have a loaded gun. This goes back to poor corporate governance and eBay’s leadership having no accountability for their poor decisions of late. Brian Burke Director, Community Development at eBay refuses to address the blatant “in your face” YouTube harassment by it’s top rated sellers like Hubcapjoes. Hubcapjoes even attacked an elderly former used car dealer known as “Doc” Ed Koon of Docs Quality Cars, which had exceptional feedback on eBay for a number of years until he was wrongfully removed by Bill Cobb of eBay North America for changing a listings price at the request of a verified legit buyer.

Hubcapjoes also attacks another former seller on eBay and sends threatening emails, registered letters and creates videos on various spam channels about the Michigan Man’s workplace in hopes to get him terminated from his UAW job. The abuse just thickens as the weeks and day’s pass. I guess nobody wants to pull that NARU trigger on Hubcapjoes for reasons that he may sing like a Canary to expose eBay’s dirty closet of fresh cut stench. Is it really worth $240 a month in eBay fees to keep this seller around hurting the community and brand? Probably not.

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Elliott Associates Management should be curious as to why eBay’s Brian Burke is allowing their PR YouTube Spinner Hubcapjoes to be the mouthpiece of eBay.Elderly abuse, racketeering, social reputation management and online YouTube Smear campaigns are not even the worst of it, a new level of “Bad” has arose with these two individuals featured below involved in Criminal threats of death. Emails have been obtained of Keith Allen Detwiler’s Threats, and audio files have been made available of Hubcapjoes claiming he got “Stuff” for smearing Charles Fitch in the news.

Elliott Associates

Below is a Death Threat by eBay Seller Indoor Thrift, known associate of eBay Top Rated Seller Hubcapjoes.

Elliott Associates

Elliott Associates

Proof Joseph Demarco Owns this Abusive Site:


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