Brian Burke Involved In eBay Market Manipulation

  • Brian Burke is Director of Community Development.
  • Brian Burke graduated from San Jose State University.
  • Brian Burke is aware of Sellers abusing online Critics.

Brian Burke is Director of eBay Community Development and he could be involved in helping top-rated sellers like Hubcapjoes aka Joseph DeMarco of Oradell New Jersey conduct smearing campaigns against former sellers of eBay now turned critics. This case has been an ongoing investigation for more than six years according to eBay Critic eBayisajoke aka Charles Fitch, a private citizen in Michigan that was put on Fox 2 News to embarrass him in the community with a fake propaganda news story or “Fake News” in order to make a critic look bad and smear him in order to boost the eBay Brand and stock price by way of Social Media Reputation Management.

Myself and another person in Florida have been investigating eBay Inc for 6 years on an ongoing case where we have what we think is market manipulation carried out by eBay executives using some of their top-rated sellers to both promote their brand and also go after whistleblowers/online critics that expose the wrongdoings of their company.We are victims of eBay and willing to come forward and sign affidavits of being victims of their wrongdoing. We can link some players of eBay and a specific top-rated seller named Hubcapjoes aka Joseph De Marco.