Internet Car Scams 10th Anniversary

internet car scams

10th Year Anniversary protecting buyers against internet car scams since 2004. Online Guide for used car buying on eBay Motors. Let me just say that this guy knows his stuff when it comes to protecting buyers on eBay Motors against phishing fraud Ebay Motors Sucks is the place to go. I have to admit I didn’t know a thing about how to properly buy a used vehicle, up until I read this guy’s article then speaking with him on the phone, he saved me from entering into a bad deal on an almost too good to be true eBay listing. I sent Doc over to the listing of the vehicle I was interested in because it was a good price and right away he noticed eBay’s website whisked him off to another domain site using an XSS redirect. Internet car scams. It looked like eBay, it smelled like eBay, but it wasn’t eBay. Everything appeared to be eBay but the domain name in the browser box.

Doc from eBay Motors Sucks warned me about internet car scams and not to log in that I would be giving my information to phishing fraud thieves that were out to pish not only for my personal information but to take over my account password in order to list more scams. I was forever praising Doc for helping me out and saving my ass and my accounts. Doc further explained to me how the phishing fraud tactic was being committed and how many people are being scammed on eBay. After a couple of hours talking with him on the phone I decided to buy my vehicle locally from a private seller.

Internet Car Scams – Don’t Swallow The Sucker Bait!

10 Year Anniversary We Thank you for your Service!

If you’re buying a used car for the first time you’ll want to read these articles to avoid being scammed on eBay Motors:

1. Welcome to Doc’s Blog and Forums
2. Best Internet Car Buying Tips by a retired Auto Dealer
3. eBay XSS Redirect Phishing Scams caught on-screen video 2014

If you can’t or won’t do your homework first – and either inspect the vehicle in person or hire an independent inspector to do it for you – you might not be pleased with what you receive. Do you need help with an online car buying transaction gone bad? Or have questions? Visit our Get Help Forum Were glad to offer our assistance free of charge. The Internet is literally infested with Scammers who will steal your money in a flash! It’s what they do and they are pros at it. The biggest of all targets is eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) With Amazon Payments Checkout scams running in second place. For years fraudsters have been stealing money from gullible vehicle buyers that fell for a too good to be true price. Don’t get Phished!

Once you have become familiar with the above articles Send Doc an email and ask him your questions if you’re ready to buy a used vehicle from eBay Motors. He may save your ass like he saved mine.

internet car scams

It’s been said that CEO John Donahoe and PayPal may be involved in the Phishing internet car scams by enabling the scammers at eBay Motors to steal identities or money. Many articles have been produced about this “sore” eBay subject and while Google likes to push it under the rug for eBay Inc we are determined to get the information out to consumers and shareholders as soon as possible so that they can be protected. Internet car scams. The XSS redirect scams are short iframe html codes that the Phishers insert into the eBay Motors vehicle listing description box when listing an item for sale so that when the user on eBay reads the listing and sees a very low price for a very nice car they are redirected over to a fake website domain which uses elements of eBay’s API to fool the user into thinking they are still on the eBay Motors website and that their information is safe and secure. This is what we call a Security Vulnerability within the auction listing process and this has been going on ever since 2006 originally uncovered by Doc of eBay Motors Sucks.

Some things never change I guess, but in the past few months Doc went back on the prowl again on eBay Motors Marketplace and found yet more listings on certain popular vehicles still containing the XSS redirect script, this time whisking users off to different domains. Could eBay really be involved? It’s pretty interesting how eCommercebytes will only report glitches, but never report the documented fraud. Being that Ina Steiner has inside connections at eBay Inc and PayPal, maybe she can get someone at eBay to respond about all the Phishing fraud. Internet car scams. Maybe eBay Motors, Top Rated Seller and self-proclaimed YouTube eBay Spokesman Joseph DeMarco AKA Hubcapjoes could address the scams which seem to be perpetuated by eBay Inc and his PayPal cronies by doing a video on the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel like he always does. It’s been said that Mr. DeMarco cleans John Donahoe’s wheels on the weekends for some extra green dots but we can’t confirm this as of yet.

XSS Redirect Scam In Action

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eBay Employees – Are you Happy where you work?

internet car scams

Looks like eBay installed some security cameras to look for Ebayisajoke. Don’t worry Ebayisajoke interviews eBay workers off campus now. That’s right. If you work at eBay and your tired of your job and would like to speak out about issues you had while working at eBay please contact us. Real names and images will not be published only your story. Internet car scams. Please let us know if you want to do an interview and we will meet with you off eBay grounds where you will not be seen. There are many employees that are not happy with the work environment, many in fact have applied for jobs at Google and are leaving at the end of the month. Apply here for Jobs at Google.

Something to make you smile – eBay Circus Clowns still singing!

Just think all your seller fees continue to pay for eBay clowns instead of investing in proper training of their customer service or promoting seller protection. Throughout the years as popularity for eBay took a downward spiral, eBay Inc continued to promote their silly conventions and live events instead of looking for a turnaround plan. Internet car scams. Killing off small business through the use of poor trust and safety consumer tactics designed to remove honest hard working profitable businesses from the platform which disfranchised sellers and buyers of all kinds, these same sellers and buyers will never return to spend another dime on eBay. eBay counted on all the big box stores moving in but what really happened was big box stores moved out.

internet car scams

Maybe if they kept their finger off the seller eject button they could actually increase revenue intake for the share holders. Their decision to purge sellers for no reason is like a hunter in the woods blowing off his own head then taking himself home to be hung on the wall. internet car scams. These people are idiots and none of them know how to run an internet company. eBay Inc realized they were knee deep in quicksand and make no attempt to pull themselves out. It will be impossible for them to recover at this point even though they were warned by users for years, and now with Carl Icahn shaking up the company to split eBay and PayPal from each other they might just have to think about cutting off their head for a quality replacement. This means getting rid of a delusional CEO John Donahoe and also Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen for their bad corporate governance.