Ebayisajoke States Case with Shillbusters

Ebayisajoke States Case with Shillbusters talking about how eBay is behind this public lashing

Ebayisajoke States Case

Ebayisajoke States Case by Podcast interview with Doc from Shillbusters.org earlier today in an hour-long interview while almost 350 people attended the chat session and listened in online to Ebayisajoke’s reasons as to why he is exposing a top rated abusive Hub cap seller Hubcapjoes (Joseph DeMarco) AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube. He talks about some of the fraud Hubcapjoes and eBay Motors is involved in by allowing Hubcapjoes to get out from under all his negative feedback’s that buyers leave on him and the cases he files against new sellers to disenfranchise them from the platform and drive them away so that he can weed out his competitors in his category (eBay Motors) and profit from the carnage of the bully beat downs he gives to people, and how Lithium Technologies is behind the YouTube cyber terrorism that’s been going on, flagging videos and making fake channels to sway public opinion about Ebayisajoke and to spin whatever negative eBay message into something positive. Ebayisajoke talks about how he set Spokonzaga Pete up by doing a fake video telling people on YouTube he got a free Guitar by asking a seller for it and offering positive feedback in return, shortly after Spokonzaga Pete made a defamatory video about Ebayisajoke committing buyer fraud letting everyone really see the true Spokonzaga Pete. The video turned out to be a charade when Shillbusters revealed a video and produced the receipts to prove the guitar was paid for at a local music store in Canton Michigan and not bought off eBay so the joke was on Spokonzaga Pete who likes to spread online lies. I would say he got owned big time by the Masked Man.

Lithium Technologies banned Shillbusters.org’s IP address earlier today when he was trying to access the community forums at Skype, moderated by (guess who) yes, Lithium Technologies which also moderates the eBay forums by preventing sellers from venting their legitimate issues about eBay by spinning comments round and round in eBay’s favor until we all get dizzy. Doc is a paid customer at Skype and this is how he gets treated as a customer. It was only a momentary setback until some nifty IP masking allowed him back in.

Ebayisajoke States Case

Ebayisajoke States Case and also talks about the recent move where eBay Inc. kicked off over 15,000 small sellers for no reason smells like a class action to me. eBay claims these sellers are “Under performing” sellers meaning that they only sell once in a great while. It would be like the gas station attendant kicking me off the property because I don’t always fill up at his station when part of my tax dollars go for a Gasoline tax. Please listen to the entire podcast it will blow your socks off and this is only scratching the surface. Ebayisajoke welcomes the coverage. If you have any tips regarding this case please send an email to [email protected] and if any lawyers out there think Ebayisajoke has a great case for civil slander and defamation against Rob Wolcheck of Fox 2 News please email Ebayisajoke at [email protected]

Ebayisajoke States Case about eBay’s Lithium Technologies, questionable polices and wire transmitter practices in 1 hour long Podcast Interview