Ebayisajoke Rob Wolchek Guitar Battle Riff Challenge

Ebayisajoke Rob Wolchek Guitar Battle Riff Challenge to see who plays the best riff

Ebayisajoke Rob Wolcheck Guitar Battle

Rob Wolchek likes to brag about his guitar playing skills even when he’s not playing “News Reporter” for Fox 2 News in Detroit. He doesn’t look like a guitar god to me, he looks more like a guitar “FLOP” – Maybe I’ll have to go head to head against Rob Wolchek in a Guitar Battle. Ebayisajoke can play a mean electric guitar Rob can you handle it? Recently Rob Wolchek did a story about US Airways breaking Kyle Neely’s Les Paul guitar. Kyle Neely plays lead guitar for the Detroit rock band Sponge. When Kyle was forced to check in his guitar on a US Airways flight coming home from playing a gig out west the guitar arrived damaged. US Airways did everything by the book and by their policy but Rob Wolchek always like to push the issue and make a story out of it so Rob went to US Airways to cry and complain about a guitar that could have been replaced ten times over by Kyle Neely with all the money he has made here off Detroit fans and many more fans all over the country.

To complain about something so petty for the sake of a news story almost seems as if the story was made up to spark publicity for a free show where vendors and advertisers make a killing while bankrupt Detroit city services still have to supply police fire and rescue paid for by city tax payers. Ebayisajoke challenges Rob Wolchek to a guitar battle so lets see if Rob can win the challenge. Click on the link above to view the Fox 2 News story where Rob Wolchek sits in and plays his one and only chord for Detroit fans and for Sponge.

Cast your vote for the winner of this Guitar Battle. Ebayisajoke has chosen an appropriate Riff from the go go “Godzilla” song, a song Rob loves to play for people when he (that’s right) makes fun of fat people. Watch Ebayisajoke’s video below and cast your vote to let us know who the winner is.

Update 12/31/13:

Winner of the Guitar Riff Battle was Ebayisajoke by 74%, sorry Rob you Failed.

Ebayisajoke Rob Wolchek Guitar Battle Godzilla Riff

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