Ebayisajoke Public Apology Youtubers Speak Out

Ebayisajoke public apology by Youtubers in support and coming out about it..

Ebayisajoke Public Apology

Ebayisajoke Public Apology by youtubers in strong support of Ebayisajoke for the recent events in the news regarding the accusations of Ebayisajoke bidding on eBay items and not paying for them is just not true. But do we really have proof that Ebayisajoke is really doing this? Ebayisajoke did an interview on 8/13/2013 with Doc from Shillbusters explaining what’s been going on and that he is innocent of any wrong doing. Recently a YouTuber comes out and spills the beans about Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube telling people that the real fraud, slander and harassment is coming from Joseph DeMarco and the Lithium Troll Social engineer (sock puppet) pro spinner himself Spokonzaga Pete of YouTube who we have yet not identified here in this story. Like Doc says from Ebay Motors Sucks where he exposes eBay vehicle listing scams, “You can’t tell the Players without a Program” and that is true here in this situation. So if anyone out there has any information about Spokonzaga Pete, the guy pictured on the right side of your page, please send us an email at [email protected]

Ebayisajoke has been upfront and honest about this whole thing and would love to hear from any lawyers out there that may be interested in taking this defamation case head on against Hubcapjoes. He has video evidence where Joseph DeMarco admits to getting his eBay seller accounts removed from ebay as well as evidence of him telling people to file false police and FBI complaints. Ebayisajoke is willing to fly to New Jersey and file this action. He never once placed any bids on any auctions of Hubcapjoes and wants a public apology from Joseph DeMarco. Hubcapjoes listings are all “Buy It Now” so how could anyone place bids on his auctions. The truth came out about Hubcapjoes abusing eBay and PayPal in all his videos since 2007 but still they protect him. A cat will protect a rat every now and them. eBay Inc along with possibly some people at eBay Motors may be involved and should think twice about keeping abusive Top Rated Sellers on their platform.

Ebayisajoke Public Apology by YouTubers because they find no evidence of bidding on any items

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Why does eBay keep spying on Ebayblows.org?

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