Ebayisajoke Podcast Interview Ebay Motors Sucks

Ebayisajoke Podcast Interview

This is the Ebayisajoke Podcast Interview that Jason DeCanio of the Jason DeCanio Radio Show couldn’t get first which was indeed a wise decision by Ebayisajoke because Jason of Whats on your Mind is nothing but a wannabe radio show host of WJDC Studios in Florida┬áthat would only get one side of a conversation. His podcasts are terrible and get no listeners. Ebayisajoke took his interview to Doc from Ebay Motor Sucks in this podcast Ebayisajoke explains why he is on YouTube doing what he does. He also talks about Joseph DeMarco AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube, an Ebay Motors Top Rated Seller that has been directing his YouTube top rated seller friends, shills and sock puppets to slander and defame Ebayisajoke by telling people he is a cyber stalker, criminal and bully when in fact it’s the other way around. eBay Inc and CEO John Donahoe continues to allow Joseph DeMarco to sell on eBay despite all the violations and abuse that is being thrown at people outside the eBay platform. We can see that eBay indeed supports this behavior from Top Rated sellers that make them money.

Money is the bottom line for eBay and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Just look at all the scams festering over at eBay Motors. This is also talked about in the podcast. Ebay Motors Sucks has been calling out the dead fish fraudulent vehicle listings and eBay’s trust and safety department does nothing about the fraud. The longer they let this type of fraud continue on eBay the more and more people get scammed out of their hard-earned money.

There are a lot of great topics talked about in this podcast please play the audio below it is over 50 minutes in length and it will open your eyes as to some of the things that has been happening if you have been keeping up with this on YouTube. If not, simply read the other articles on this site to see who the real players are. After the podcast was posted to YouTube, one of our favorite shill eBay UK Sock Puppets came out of his hole to spew out his garbage, here are just some of the few comments he has posted just recently. I have a feeling this podcast struck a nerve.

Ebayisajoke Podcast Interview With Ebay Motors Sucks Shill YouTube Channels Trying to discredit the message