Ebayisajoke Bitch Slaps Team eBay on YouTube

Ebayisajoke Bitch Slaps Team eBay for duplicate policy violation.

Ebayisajoke Bitch Slaps Team eBay

Ebayisajoke bitch slaps Team eBay with a violation when YouTube determines that by them repeatedly uploading duplicates of the same Rob Wolchek video over and over to multiple YouTube channels, YouTube pulled the videos because it violated their duplicate content policy. Team eBay which consists of the following YouTube channels Crazeenydriver, Spokonzaga Pete, ChunkyFinch101, Moomert1 and Mattzolo continue to piss and moan about losing the video which was pulled over a week ago I may add. I figured I would point out the violation so they can learn from their mistakes. The webmaster of the illegal Russian Federation website that display’s Ebayisajoke’s private information and uplaoded video content taken without permission claim they didn’t need the views of the video on YouTube and that the information was already viral on the internet which was a load of crap. Team eBay or Lithium, a media social super fan group that moderates eBay’s forums may be responsible for part of this witch hunt against Ebayisajoke, a scramble to try to get charges brought against him for bullying when there is a fair amount of “Fair Play” taking place by both sides. Nobody has committed any crimes and it’s a feud that will always result in a stale mate according to Spokonzaga Pete of Lithium. Hubcapjoes who is affiliated and protected by eBay Motors can’t beat Ebayisajoke or run him off YouTube. They have been failing at every move and continue to make mistakes around every corner. Think of them as a failed Seal Team, they jumped off the plane but as soon as they touched ground they failed because they were spotted by the enemy. They simply can’t do the job eBay is paying them to do and all the negative eBay pr is backfiring on them with all these articles. Matthew Zolofra of New Jersey that runs a computer repair and sales shop has been emailing Ebayisajoke constantly because he knows his team is failing. Even one of their team members Keith Detwiler jumped ship.

Ebayisajoke Bitch Slaps Team eBay in this Video explaining their right to be flagged and removed.

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