eBay Valet Fails after Trying to Sell My Laptops on eBay


A gentleman tried using the new eBay Valet system to sell his Laptops using a third party eBay store called “Liberty” which proved to be a complete failure and waste of time. A man by the YouTube username Vloasis sent eBay five Laptops to be sold on eBay’s electronic marketplace and when eBay valet got the computers they failed to turn them on to verify if they were working correctly before placing them up for auction. eBay claimed they could not verify them so they shipped his computers back and notified the man that the items could not be tested. Someone apparently doesn’t know how to turn them on according to what the seller says in the video below. Again just another failed program by eBay where a seller’s time and money is being wasted due to incompetence. eBay should get out of the program business and go back to being in the auction business.

eBay Valet fails the Seller in this instance!

eBay in the past had their top rated sellers running drop off stores which didn’t do so well. What we also have hear is a complete disregard for the seller’s items using poor return packaging according to the way the items were returned on top of one another, in zip-lock bags with no packing buffer in between. The seller claims eBay Valet sent him coupons to sell his items for free but when they discovered they were laptops they didn’t want to honor the free listing and final value fees. “Just another corporate con job” says the seller. This is a great example of why you shouldn’t use third party drop off’s or programs like eBay Valet.