eBay Unboxing Scammed by Top Rated iPhone Seller

ebay unboxing

Kyle Stockford is scammed when he does an eBay unboxing showing he was ripped off by two sellers that he ordered iPhone products from. The buyer’s name is Kyle Stockford, a hard-working young teen scammed by top rated Apple sellers on eBay. In the video below Kyle opens three items he bought from eBay, an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and an iPad. The first item he opens is the iPhone 4 where the seller sends Kyle a broken LCD display and no phone. The second item Kyle opens is a new iPhone 5 of which there is no issue and he’s happy, and the last item he opens is an iPad of which he only receives a an iPad case and not the actual iPad unit. Very disappointing to Kyle as you can see. Because eBay Inc doesn’t vet their Apple Product sellers this scam continues to happen daily on eBay and sellers get away with fraud. There are many other iPhone 5 buyers that have made YouTube videos about being defrauded by eBay top rated sellers.

Kyle called eBay to get his money back and they told him to work it out with the seller. eBay Unboxing video wasn’t good proof I guess. The seller refused to refund the buyer’s money and PayPal was no help. Kyle was unable to get his money back for the two items that were not delivered. eBay claimed that the items were delivered and they could not do anything. Kyle has stopped buying on eBay. Its unfortunate that this happened but there are many bad buyers out there as well. Many buyers will issue fraudulent chargebacks and not send back the item. This is a big problem on eBay and it could all be avoided if you didn’t shop or sell there.

eBay Unboxing by Kyle Stockford