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eBay Troll who harassed users for years Turned out to be Fake News

eBay Troll who harassed users for years Turned out to be Fake News and called him an “Obese Michigan Loner” by the Washington Times online digital news source when Cheryl K. Chumley claimed he would refuse to pay after outbidding items on eBay to leave negative feedback. The author of the Fake News article is Verified Fake News by Rob Wolcheck of Fox 2 news Detroit turned out to be a sham or untrue. The corporate hate machine at eBay Inc was the sole entity that approved the smear campaign launched by the Reporter and Hubcapjoes that does a Hall of Shame segment on Detroit (WKBD-TV) Television. A lawsuit was filed in 2013 against Rob Wolcheck and Fox 2 News for slander and defamation and the case was thrown out of court by the judge who we found accepting donations from Fox Television Stations, LLC. Charles Fitch did not get his day in court but has not yet sued eBay Inc or Hubcapjoes.

  • Ebay-hating troll named as Charles ‘Chuck’ Fitch Never Placed Bids to hurt anyone’s feedback
  • Fox 2 News Detroit Reporter Rob Wolchek was pushed by Joe Demarco to do the Fake News Story
  • Critic calls himself Ebayisajoke and never harassed or bullied any eBay Sellers
  • eBayisajoke posts videos promoting Amazon services while exposing eBay and PayPal dirty policies
  • Critic refused to comment when approached because of tabloid fake news journalism

Hubcapjoes Cyberstalking Evidence

Racketeering by Hubcapjoes

Joseph DeMarco Caught Lying

Biz Hacks of YouTube Incriminates Hubcapjoes

Keith Allen Detwiler, a YouTuber channel named Biz Hacks came out about Joe Demarco and eBay and explains how he’s been Cyberstalked and Threatened by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. washington newsKeith Makes threats against people on YouTube and runs Biz Hacks. This video is from Our Gun loving Stalker named Keith Allen Detwiler named the Marietta Maniac and YouTube Con Artist. Keith Allen Detwiler a cyber stalker that lives at 701 Bonnie Dell Dr, Marietta GA 30062 says that he has a Glock 33 Handgun with a modified threaded barrel for a suppressor or silencer and that he’s going to come to my house and put it to my head. A copy of the email is below.

Washington Times

Charles Fitch

This is important testimony that would impeach Keith Detwiler when he’s in court to try and charge Charles Fitch. The YouTuber doesn’t seem to know what side he wants to be on so we have documented his past videos proving that Joe Demarco has bullied, harassed and stalked people. Biz Hacks is currently making New Abusive Channels for Joe Demarco AKA Crazeenydriver in order to help the eBay seller commit Social Media Racketeering.

Another key player here is a radio show host by the name of Jason Paul Decanio, Stranger Danger and part of the YouTube abuse, a helper of Joseph J Demarco slandering and harassing the workplace and UAW of Charles Fitch. Jason Decanio is also partnered up with Keith Detwiler above creating abusive videos on YouTube to undermine the exposing of Hubcapjoes.

fake news

Jason Decanio threatens people and calls them “Faggots” and other harsh languages we can’t share here because it’s just too offensive. He’s about to get married in November and I wonder if his new girlfriend knows just what the Fat Grotesk Orlando Menace does in his spare time. We sent her some good information on Facebook, so if she decides to carry on with the wedding she can’t say she wasn’t warned that she’s about to marry a deranged Lunatic. All women must beware of this puggy portly pig, and also be informed that he loves taking money from women and never paying it back. He’s moved from Basement to Basement in the past five years including a 5-month stent at his Mother’s house in Oviedo. She kicked him out because he was abusive, never did what he was told, never kept things clean, didn’t want to work, and never wanted to clean up the yard or take out the garbage. Jason Decanio is a freeloader and some say he loves going to parks where there are lots of small kids playing.

Jason Decanio the YouTube Bully

Feedback Before Hidden by eBay
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