eBay Troll Unmasked Rob Wolchek Fox 2 News Detroit Fake News

YouTuber by the name of Crazeenydriver AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes, who lives at 321 Pine St Haworth New Jersey and also owns a Hubcap store in Oradell New Jersey called Hubcapjoes had an e-blogger in Michigan put on the news under the story eBay Troll Unmasked by Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News Detroit, and claimed he tried to manipulate his feedback rating which was never proven to be true. The Michigan man is simply an eBay Critic exposing seller fraud on eBay while promoting Amazon services. Crazeenydriver uses facebook groups and eBay Employees to Target his Competitors on eBay for removal. Roy Daves (Ebay Motors President of Sales) and PayPal’s Scott Henshaw are among a few Employees helping Joe stay alive on the platform. Hubcapjoes recently had Charles Fitch followed and stalked by Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News Detroit for no reason other than to defame him in the public community with a bogus hit piece to publicly shame the man. ebay troll unmaskedWhen Joseph DeMarco’s seller information was exposed to Youtube subscribers back in 2012 Hubcapjoes proves himself to be vindictive when he launched a hate “Fake News” campaign against Charles Fitch to smear his public reputation. eBay Is linked all over this and will not NARU this seller not matter how many complaints come in about Hubcapjoes. The Dailydot manipulated the ebay troll unmasked news story along with other tabloids to drive the knife even deeper but eBayisajoke aka Charles Fitch wouldn’t give up the Fight. This is the dark side of eBay Inc and what they do to their critics. Joseph Demarco is dangerous to the eBay community and to it’s shareholders.

eBay Troll Unmasked Exposing the Operators

Joseph Demarco has removed embedding for a reason on many of his videos, this video included. He doesn’t want people to play these videos from this website to learn the truth. YouTube is paying him ad revenue (while not a lot) for his eBay Spam Promotion videos and he shouldn’t make a single dime. Joseph Demarco told his subscribers that he would stop at nothing to have Charles Fitch put in jail. Joseph DeMarco accused him of placing bids on his items and not paying and leaving negative feedback to hurt his business. If you don’t pay, you can’t leave any feedback at all. His agenda and eBay Inc is to discredit the Critic! We found out that Joseph DeMarco is part of a shilling operation from Facebook where members get together and purchase goods from each other and leave positive feedback in order to maintain top rated seller discounts and to boost green dot ratings. Joseph Demarco had a poor seller feedback history until he figured out that he could shill his own business using linked people connections from Facebook and private meetups. Joe Demarco has also been shilling up his YouTube channel with fake comments/views and spam in order to manipulate YouTube into thinking his content is wanted by people. eBay has always been synonymous with the word “shill”.

eBay troll unmasked