eBay Motors Seller Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes says Sponsored Searches are criminal and hurts sales

sponsored searches

Sponsored Searches are criminal says Joe Demarco seller Hubcapjoes claiming that eBay is sending business away from their website just to make money on advertising. This has been happening for many years with eBay refusing to remove them. eBay sellers may file a class action lawsuit in order to figure out this mess. Every time a buyer makes payment the buyer is presented an offer to buy the same item at a cheaper price elsewhere off eBay.com with a hyper link directing the buyer outside the website before checkout is made. Since sellers pay for exposure on eBay’s search marketplace to advertise their listings this may be illegal and violate Antitrust laws.

Crazeenydriver of YouTube runs a scammy store called Hubcapjoes at 321 Pine St Haworth NJ 07641. It has been alleged that he pays kids to steal hub caps from high end autos in the NY and gated NJ shore areas and then re-sells those items back on eBay for a high profit. eBay fails to vet his merchandise because he promotes eBay on YouTube every Friday and according to him he is their number one fan boy!

Hubcapjoes claims in this video that Sponsored Searches are Criminal!