eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete Hubcapjoes Gloating

eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete and Hubcapjoes gloating for more public abuse of Ebayisajoke

eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete
eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete

eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete for eBay Inc and Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors can gloat for now but Ebayisajoke will be getting the last laugh in the end. Remember that you may not like what you wish for and what comes around definitely goes around ten fold. Ebayisajoke now has pledged that he will not stop until eBay does something about this Top Rated seller’s on going abuse outside the platform of eBay Inc. Is the account management team or eBay trust and safety responsible for all the abuse coming from Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube? The question is raised by a number of people who have been sitting back watching this drama unfold including Doc from eBay Motors Sucks where he stated that there is an alleged “Black Money Fund” eBay Inc. sets aside to pay shills to go after anti eBay and PayPal critics online that cast negative pr messages against eBay and PayPal and CEO John Donahoe of eBay Inc which is the head of the eBay community. Spokonzaga Pete has been gloating on YouTube about the recent events where Ebayisajoke was unmasked by a television news crew in Michigan. We will not mention the station or post the link because unlike YouTube we consider it an invasion of privacy. eBay Inc shown to now “harbor” abusive top rated seller scammers by protecting selected profit-making accounts from showing any wrong doing or mischief. eBay protects abusive Top Rated sellers on their platform by removing any traces of evidence that would show complicity to sway public opinion of eBay and possible stock manipulation practices which is against the law. You can report this type of fraud to the SEC by visiting the SEC Whistle blower’s Program and filing a complaint on eBay. This coward that goes by the name Spokonzaga Pete on YouTube was caught when we exposed his original google+ profile page settings.


eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete Hubcapjoes are gloating for more public abuse of Ebayisajoke

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Original YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbw5uCiOKm4

eBay Shill Spokonzaga Pete