eBay Sells Fake Gibson Les Paul Guitars Buyers are Deceived

This New Hampshire seller thestratosphere is selling Counterfeit Guitars guitar kits and representing them as Gibson Les Paul Guitars but they are not. This is a fake Gibson Les Paul. In 2014 Feds seiez over 185 guitars in NJ.  The title of these listings should be updated to read “Les Paul Replica or copy” however the guitar head stocks bare the Gibson Logo. These guitar body kits are shipped out of California but come from China. This seller’s account should be shut down for misrepresentation but eBay will not do it until they get enough complaints. I do not want to see people getting scammed out of thousands of dollars by this seller. Item number 361478684520 and other items should be looked at here by eBay Inc. This guitar is a copy or replica of a Gibson Les Paul however the seller’s title says it’s a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard. The Nut and bad Logo pictured below are huge indications of fraud because Gibson does not put this kind of Nut on their Les Paul guitars and the Gibson logo is also wrong. Please notify eBay ASAP and report this seller.

Fake Gibson

Real Gibson Les Paul Guitar Head stock:


The following item numbers should be reported:

2014 Gibson USA Les Paul Standard BODY & NECK Project Guitar Root Beer SALE
2016 Gibson USA Les Paul Standard T BODY & NECK Project Guitar Parts Goldtop

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