eBay Glitches Talked about So Much by Sellers and Thrifters Everywhere

ebay selling glitchesTechnical eBay Selling Glitches talked about So much by Top Rated eBay sellers these days, I wonder if there is a website now called eBayGlitches.com? Someone should register that name and have fun with it ehh? Even abusive eBay seller Hubcapjoes talks about eBay Glitches from time to time in his Friday videos on YouTube. He has over nine videos talking about the topic everyone hates so much. Now eBay is telling people they will have to wait a year before the Payments beta system is glitch free.

While Sellers like Hubcapjoes are on YouTube boasting about how well they do, and talking about their eBay Selling Glitches what they don’t tell you is that their accounts are being protected from eBay’s executive team. Top Rated sellers┬álike Joe DeMarco simply make a phone call and his negative ratings get removed off his account. Customer service has been a glitch from the very beginning.

Joe DeMarco is a Paid eBay Spokesman and benefits from improved visibility in eBay Search, free shipping supplies and other perks from eBay. eBay sellers are speaking out about the weekly problems they are having from their own YouTube channels.

Are eBay Selling Glitches Hurting Your Business? Hubcapjoes talks about “Glitch Week” on eBay.com

These are the top 5 reasons you should not sell on eBay:

  1. Too many eBay Selling Glitches
  2. eBay no longer allows drop shipping
  3. Increased Fees for Sellers
  4. Competitor Interference
  5. Improved Customer service for Top Rated Sellers

We reported many ebay glitches where eBay images went missing from sellers listings at the end of June. In early July, eBay told sellers that they were working hard to restore the missing images. It now appears that there is no chance of eBay restoring images and it will be down to individual sellers to correct any listings affected by the eBay photo glitch as they are gone forever. Please check out the updated article on eBay Troll Unmasked.