Will eBay Sellers get a Refund after John Donahoe gets his Golden Parachute?

John Donahoe won’t exactly tell you these days how much money he stole from honest sellers so we’ll be glad to clue you in. John Donahoe Chief Executive Officer of eBay Inc (CEO) stands to make over 23 Million dollars from his golden parachute departure, plus over 50 million more from stock options.

Many honest sellers lost their businesses in the last ten or so years due to failed restrictive policies that limit and suspend small businesses in order for eBay to push and promote the larger ones which include Titanium and Platinum stores. Many eBay and PayPal employees run seller accounts which is also a conflict of interest due to shady employees gaming the system by deleting sellers that compete with them.

A letter to a long time eBay Seller:

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your concern about your recent account suspension.

It’s quite unfortunate that your account has been suspended, especially that you have a perfect Feedback score on your account. I do thank you for giving us a time to make an appeal on your suspension. At the same time, I hope you can understand that the actions and resolution we are providing to members are based on eBay’s policies and guidelines.

We have suspended your account due to the risk presented to the eBay community. Even if a suspended member has a perfect Feedback score, we can suspend accounts if ever we’ve found out that their actions are not in the spirit of our eBay community, or if their actions will give financial losses to our company. I know that you want us to lift you suspension. At the same time, in reviewing your account, it looks like eBay?s Trust and Safety department has done a thorough investigation of your account. Based on the information that they have found, it’s a risk to the eBay community at large. Based on that, we have determined that it is in eBay?s best interest to deny your appeal , that means we will not be reinstating your account.

I know that this is frustrating. I wish I could actually give you some details on why we suspended your account, unfortunately I don’t have the ability to give that out to you. The reason is, it would allow you to possibly get around the policy when you create a new account but I do want you to know that your account has been thoroughly examined and at this point in time, it will not be eligible for reinstatement. In summary, we’ve found out that your suspension will remain on your account. We thank you in advance for understanding, and wish you luck with your future endeavors.

This is an actual letter that went out to a long time seller on eBay that sold since 1998. Notice all the grammar errors and it was clearly typed by someone outside the United States that does not speak English and reads from a script. I always said that if the shareholders knew this kinda stuff was happening they would be up in arms, especially now that they know about their listings not being seen in Google Search.

Shareholders are much too blind to see that John Donahoe’s disruptive innovation was a failure the whole way through and all it did was drive users away . The only users left on eBay are the fanboys, shills, and big box stores. It’s tight nit community of honest small businesses have gone to other sites to sell their goods.