eBay Top Rated Sellers may loose their Discounts due to USPS Rate Hikes making eBay fair for all users

Honest eBay sellers go through a lot just to receive a 20% Top Rated Seller discount on their final value fees and USPS Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP). On Sunday January 17th the USPS phased out (CPP) taking away incentives for Top Rated sellers. Commercial Plus prices at USPS are going up by 13.3 percent. The USPS will eliminate Commercial Pricing sometime by end of 2016 and eBay will be forced to end Final Value Fee Discounts for all Top Rated Sellers.

eBayisajoke: It’s only a matter of time before all sellers on eBay are treated equal and the playing field is once again level so eliminating discounts is a positive thing for everyone..

Top Rated Plus Sellers can get lower Commercial Base prices on shipping from online postage providers like Stamps.com. The benefits using an independent postage provider include the following:

  1. Their services work across all selling platforms
  2. Many work across multiple shipping carriers
  3. No Monthly Fees and Quick service

Commercial Plus Pricing

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing rate Hikes on Top Rated Sellers

eBay offers TRS Plus discounts to encourage sellers to offer same or one-business-day shipping plus a longer return period with money back option. Sellers say they will continue to leave eBay if eBay does away with the TRS Plus discounts. This will eliminate feedback fraud by Top Rated sellers that use private groups to edge down Defect percentages and edge up green dots for discounts. One person comes to mind where we have witnessed him using private Facebook Groups to trade transactions for lower Defect Ratings and increase positive feedback to maintain their discounts. Removing the TRS discounts will put a halt to feedback manipulation by way of false purchasing.

The fact is, the USPS is doing away with CPP pricing while at the same time it’s raising rates for their services. The USPS is only playing ball with extremely high-volume shippers by offering Negotiated Service Agreements, so it’s the smaller sellers who get bent over with the eventual loss of all CPP pricing. eBay has been in closed-door negotiations with USPS, and just days before the USPS rate increase, it had yet to provide TRS sellers with details about the TRS Plus discounts they could expect. USPS and eBay were not able to come up with a deal.