Seller Hubcapjoes Refuses to Offer Paid Returns to eBay Motors Buyers

eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes on YouTube AKA the Crazeenydriver Show tells his large YouTube audience that they should not offer paid returns to their customers. eBay should be very upset at this seller because eBay makes money on sellers that list items with paid shipping. If eBay buyers cannot return items for free then they will buy more on sites like Amazon. Hubcapjoes is a Bad Businessman and Cyber Bully and had mistreated buyers in the past until eBayisajoke taught him the way of Professional eCommerce. eBayisajoke was the Critic that exposed the dirty Hubcap Seller back in 2012 on YouTube.

Hubcapjoes is also against China competitors beating him out on his prices and shipping with ePackets. He has done videos about other sellers he competes with to try and influence his YouTube audience into reporting them on eBay Motors. Hubcapjoes is a paid spokesman on YouTube for eBay Inc. He gets his promoted listings priority over any other Hubcap seller on eBay which is not fair for other sellers. Hubcapjoes will soon be suspended from selling on eBay and will only be able to BUY on eBay. His days of ratting out his competitors using his YouTube channel are over. Up until now, eBay has manipulated his feedback, his sales, and his ratings in order to make his store more appealing with all the negative press he gets. Hubcapjoes is a One Man Press Machine so How long will eBay hold out on his seller suspension?