eBay Seller Looks for a Truce after Online Abuse Backfires

Crazeenydriver eBay seller looks for a truce AKA Hubcapjoes posts abusive content to his private offshore Russian website ip address geo location Bulgaria, host site BlueAngelHost (Possibly a Fake Hosting Front) owned by eBay Inc used to attack critics, then after his latest abusive videos posted recently on YouTube Joseph J DeMarco of Haworth NJ wants a truce with eBayisajoke AKA the Seller Critic after his attempt to Dox him backfired we get this:

Sunil Shahzad (owner of Blue Angel Host) working for Hubcapjoes, eBay Inc THEY DON’T PROTECT AGAINST DDOS, THEY DO THE DDOS’ING! – Address: 173 STREET NO 4 FEROZ PUR ROAD, LAHORE, PAKISTAN phone: +92-304-4000736

Hubcapjoes has been abusing people online that do business with him for over a decade and now private citizens. It started way back in 2010 when eBayisajoke caught this seller on YouTube complaining about eBay Motors buyers not taking Propay when buying his yard sale junk. At the time he wasn’t taking PayPal, and for over two years complained about how eBay would allow buyers to abuse him on the platform by making purchases and not paying or wanting refunds for the junk he sold from his crusty little hubcap shop.

The eBay business model is so flawed that even to this day it still happens where people buy iPhones and Computers, remove parts, and return the merchandise for a refund siting the items are damaged, this is known as “buyer abuse fraud”.