Killed His Own Mother

eBay Seller Killed his own Mother and Got Away With Murder

killed his own motherAn eBay seller known as Crazeenydriver on YouTube sells on eBay under seller ID Hubcapjoes killed his own mother in 2014 when he pulled her plug. The worst of this is that nobody knew he was doing this until he did it and even posted the information about it on YouTube using a PayPal employee Scott Henshaw.

This is a terrible, unimaginable and heinous act committed by Joseph J Demarco of 321 Pine St Haworth NJ, a Hubcap Shop owner in Oradell NJ that sells used Wheel Covers taken from highway vehicles killed his own mother by pulling the plug, letting her die, his mother had no chance and Joseph J Demarco should be charged with Murder. Hubcapjoes should never be forgiven by God or by anyone for what he did to his own Mother. What man would do this to his own mother. Were there motives of Money involved? Did he get a large inheritance like money or property? whatever the motive was Killing his own mother is despicable and he should be put in jail.