eBay Seller Internet Predator DE MARCO, JOSEPH J Stalking

eBay Seller and Internet Predator Hubcapjoes AKA DE MARCO, JOSEPH J of YouTube’s Crazeenydriver and CrazeenydriverNYC there is now clear cut stalking evidence and doxing of the workplace of Charles w Fitch AKA eBayisajoke, an online critic exposing the dummies at eBay including this one for ongoing off platform abuse of sellers, buyers and critics of eBay Inc. Joseph Demarco has claimed that Charles Fitch placed bids in 2013 on his items and never paid, which is a civil matter between them, however there has never been any absolute evidence provided by the eBay seller to prove his allegations.

In 2014 an independent party that documented all of the eBay Internet Predator’s abuse also documented crimes of U.S. Mail fraud (Magazine Subscription Cards that came from New York), Notary fraud (Fake Notarized legal service documents that appear to come from eBay Inc), and just recently, a physical bodily threat by Hubcapjoes Crazeenydriver himself threatening Charles Fitch – Hubcapjoes said, “You’ll never see my face, Bang! Bang!”, a threat that led Charles Fitch to file a police complaint and notify New Jersey State Police. These articles on this website are posted for documentation purposes to let the eBay community know what’s going on, and to say that if other eBay sellers were abusing people off the platform, they would be shut down, however Hubcapjoes has stated that he is protected at eBay and his account is safe from being suspended.

Collusion, Corruption, Racketeering, Consumer Fraud and Targeted Social Media Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying Revenge Crimes Against Critics:

eBay Inc. License Filing Number 2871352
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“The Corporation Trust Company”
Corporation Trust Center
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 658-7581
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