eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Threatens to Shoot Online Critic

eBay seller hubcapjoes states in his latest youtube video upload on October 28th that he will basically have eBayisajoke AKA Seller Critic shot twice in the head and that he won’t see anyone’s face when it happens. This is very serious and this video has been sent to his local authorities for documentation and the record. eBay allows this seller to do, and say anything he wants on http://stores.ebay.com/hubcapjoes (is his store) and on YouTube without ramifications or seller suspension. This seller has gone rouge. I have some emails of someone working for eBay and crazeenydriver stating that his account will never be subject of MC999 because it’s protected by the executive team at eBay Inc by someone named Matthew Zolla. Maybe Hubcapjoes should realize his own team is revealing stuff about Joe’s eBay account that could land eBay into some hot water.

Major Serious Update Regarding eBay Seller Hubcapjoes and YouTube’s Crazeenydriver:


A michigan state police case has been filed against eBay Seller Hubcapjoes and Crazeenydriver for a possible threat. I have contacted the Michigan State Police and filed a case number with them in regards to a person online that goes by the name of Joseph Demarco of Haworth NJ making a video on October 27th 2017 holding up a Fox 2 News Mug, then speaking the words “You will never see my face” and the words “Bang Bang” as if to say I better be careful or I may be shot when I least expect it. In one of his last videos he spoke the words “Cease & Desist” and then an eBay Cease and Desist letter showed up at my door. So judging by his behavior online I will not take this as a joke or lightly.

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