Mystery Hacker possibly hired by eBay or Lithium Technologies to ddos is working for top rated seller Hubcapjoes

hackerThe Mystery Hacker that uses an alias name of Matthew Zolo, also known on YouTube as Hoodie Boy helped Hubcapjoes (Top Rated eBay Seller) setup an offshore website about eBay Critic eBayisajoke. Crazeenydriver is the original registrant and is committing DMCA Copyright violations by editing eBayisajoke’s YT videos and reposting them without permission to a server outside the United States.

The web site runs on a Russian Federation server possibly paid for by eBay Inc or one of it’s employees through Blue Angel Host of which the Vice President of eBay Motors Sales may need to take a look at. This server has now recently moved to a Bulgaria server and looks to be administered by a man named Sunil Shahzad, who is the owner of Blue Angel Host VPS offshore Web Hosting which was conducting Ddos Attacks on, and a look at some of the files on this server reveals there my also be game piracy going on as well.

The mystery hacker’s site was moved to a VPS server outside Russia once we pinpointed it’s location. Looks like Crazeenydriver AKA Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors Whois data is 90 Kinderkamack Rd. Oradell, NJ and someone at eBay Inc may be responsible for targeting eBayisajoke and other critics.

A photo of the mystery hacker shown here was provided by someone on YouTube, and a close source has reported that the FBI maybe investigating this individual that may have close communication with Hubcapjoes. The Mystery Hacker brags that he is a top rated eBay seller (possibly an employee) and that he makes a lot of money selling Apple Laptop MacBook computers.

The Mystery Hacker also stated in many emails to eBayisajoke over time that he works for and owns his own computer repair business. We believe this store is located in the UK called “Computers4u”.

A message to eBayisajoke by the Mystery Hacker:

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Update: 10/7/2015 (Privacy Expires and Reveals Registrant Details)


Update: 4/19/2014 (Website Moved)

We learned that the Mystery Hacker works for or may possibly own computers4u in the UK a computer repair service. Many of his eBay seller accounts are NARU. He has since moved his website about eBayisajoke to another IP address in Bulgaria. Moving around is what these hackers do best! Below is a quick screen capture of what we found.

Mystery Hacker

Update: 10/18/2013 (Website Moved)

The mystery hacker’s website about eBayisajoke was down for almost four days because he couldn’t figure out how to configure a web server. The owner of this website is now registered as Joseph Demarco AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. The site that used to be located in Russia is now located in Bulgaria of Romania. The site is too illegal to host in the United States because the information on it is not true and the shared server it was on had to many resource limitations. The new server IP at Blue Angel Host is Name server info was is now

Mystery Hacker