eBay Seller Electrocutes Mice on YouTube is Actually Sick in the Head

Something that people don’t know about good old Hubcapjoes is that he abuses animals. There is a video he posted on his myspace account a few years back of him slapping his dog in a park while it was laying down. https://sellercritic.com/animal-cruelty-ebay-seller/ your good old friend Hubcapjoes abuses Animals and video records it. He also has a channel on youtube where he abuses rats with his traps. Let’s look at evidence #1 (Youtube channel = The Real ChannelM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6eCdehmKdI notice the intro used to the video. Now let’s look at the intro video of Hubcapjoes. https://www.youtube.com/user/crazeenydriver he likes to electrocute mice. Anyone doing this has serious mental issues. If you notice in the video around the 0:05 sec mark, he uses another intro segment animation that he also uses on the Crazeenydriver channel and titles it “The Hall of Shame” https://youtu.be/i99jAezw3V0?t=516 it took me a while to investigate this matter, the mice video was sent to me by someone that knows Joe Demarco. This is very disturbing. I think it’s so sick, I had to report this to YouTube. Those Poor Mice he’s a Stone Cold Killer.