eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Makes fun of People with Harelip and Cleft Palate

cleft lip cleft palate hairlipeBay Seller Hubcapjoes makes fun of people with a harelip, Cleft Palate, or other Birth Defects from YouTube by posting nasty comments on people’s channels. Some captured below. He sells on eBay using seller ID Hubcapjoes, and his YouTube eBay channel is Crazeenydriver. This businessman is abusive and cyberstalks former sellers, buyers and critics of eBay. In the image below you’ll see evidence we captured of Hubcapjoes bullying a man with a Harelip Cleft Palate.

Crazeenydriver AKA Hubcapjoes does a weekly “Ebay Talk” video series on YouTube comprised of fake YouTube channels making comments on his videos, thumbing them up and subscribing to boost or “Shill” up his channel for popularity. He’s been doing this now for over six years and has amassed over 12,000 (fake) subscribers with only a handful of real users posting comments. Lithium Technology or some other social media reputation management company may be responsible for the weekly shills and sock puppet accounts being made for this eBay Seller that loves making fun of people with a cleft lip. We suspect that most of the accounts are coming out of Bulgaria or Russia. The fake channels are being made by an Android device or multiple set of devices also coming from states like NJ, GA, TX, MI and Florida. Youtube has yet to terminate this account for Spam even though it’s been flagged literally over 1000 times by various people.

Birth Defect Abuser Hubcapjoes eBay Seller

Hubcapjoes has perfect feedback because his account is shilled up by eBay Inc and friends buying from him on Facebook. He simply calls his executive friends or eBay Concierge and they have his account setup to remove all negative feedback. This is called eBay Shill Bidding or shilling one’s feedback to give their store or business the appearance that they don’t abuse buyers. When you call eBay to get feedback removed do they remove it for you? I’m sure they don’t.
cleft lip cleft palate harelip

Witness speaking out about abusive seller

Hubcapjoes admitting that eBay gave him stuff to Smear a guy with a Harelip and Cleft Palate

birth defectsHubcap Joe also uses many fake unverified anonymous YouTube channels to upload abusive repulsive bullying content about people with a cleft lip, cleft palate, or harelip and then incites YouTubers to try and get them terminated inside their workplace. We have enough evidence linking eBay and Hubcapjoes with this abuse and #sec and #ftc should investigate this kind of social media racketeering.

Joseph Demarco shouldn’t be selling on eBay anymore. eBay will continue to look bad over this seller until they remove him from the platform. In the photo above, Joe apparently doesn’t have control over his own YouTube channel, he speaks in the third person and misspelled words. In some of his video descriptions he spams YouTube with an abusive Russian website hosted in Bulgaria.

Hubcapjoes making fun of people that have Cleft Lip Cleft Palate or Harelips

Photo of Hubcap Joe when he was Bashing eBay and PayPal on YouTube!
You can see a copy of the old New York Post News Paper behind him with the headline “Bruce Slept with my Wife” which came out on 4/10/2009 where a registered nurse was having an affair with “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen. Apparently Bruce was doing more than just Dancing in the Dark. Hubcap joe would sit in front of this wall each week Bashing eBay and Paypal and people wanted to know his seller ID so they could turn him in. Eventually that happened and he then turned eBay fanboy to save that lucrative hubcap business. He sucked so much eBay Dick that eBay’s Devin Wenig’s been walking around looking like he’s got camel toe. It’s all downhill from there.