eBay Faces Federal Racketeering RICO Lawsuit

eBay Rico Lawsuit

eBay RICO Lawsuit of Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuit was filed in Federal court. eBay and PayPal knowingly and deliberately facilitates, proliferates and profits from the sales of counterfeit goods sold on its websites. The sale of counterfeit goods infringe on U.S. Trademarks, threaten the health and safety of customers, and damage the U.S. economy greatly. Infringing products and activity tarnish manufacturer’s reputations, and damage brands. The selling of counterfeit goods also destroy U.S. jobs so an eBay Rico Lawsuit was filed. Original Complaint RICO Lawsuit Wimo Labs vs. Ebay Inc. During a two-year investigation, over 1,000 counterfeit products were received by The Counterfeit Report® from eBay sellers, but complaints fell on deaf ears. The sellers and many of the products remained on eBay, and sales continued to unsuspecting eBay consumers.

eBay RICO Federal Lawsuit

The counterfeit product test purchases from eBay sellers disclosed counterfeit sales to hundreds-of-thousands of duped eBay buyers who often never know they received a fake product and are entitled to an eBay refund. These sales have been a lucrative revenue source for the e-commerce giant, as transaction fees are charged for each sale of fake goods. Even more shocking is that The Counterfeit Report® actually received website and email notifications from eBay, as do consumers, encouraging the purchase of reported known counterfeit and fake products.If consumers identify the counterfeits, eBay directs consumers to mail them back to the seller as a condition for a refund, a violation of both U.S. Postal Regulations and Federal Law. The returned counterfeits are easily recycled, re-listed and re-sold to unsuspecting consumers. Additionally, buyers lose their only evidence of receiving a counterfeit.The e-commerce giants, including eBay, Amazon and Alibaba should expect civil, criminal and legislative consequences when they fail to police their own websites and protect the consumer community. If not for other sites reporting this I wouldn’t have known about this filing and it appears eBay Inc. is fighting it tooth and nail. They will try and claim they don’t have any control over the sale of goods from their users, but we all know eBay is in the driver’s seat when it comes transactions of it’s buyers and sellers. They enforce silly policies on seller’s while letting many of their more high profile sellers get away with murder on the platform like one guy we know called Hubcapjoes aka YouTube’s Crazeenydriver eBay Fanboy. As you may not know, Hubcapjoes has been outed and exposed for putting together an Organized Predatory Gang Stalking Campaign on Charles w Fitch

The eBay and PayPal spinoff left eBay Inc. with only $1 Billion in cash, and $4 Billion in major debt Source SEC Gov Did PayPal inherit the debt during the spinoff? And did some of the eBay money go to eBay’s Black Budget fund for exterminating their online critics