eBay ISIS Terrorism on eBay PayPal

eBay Promotional Swag and Reputation Management

What exactly is Reputation Management? Well it’s when a large company like eBay Inc goes after a private person or critic like myself and puts things in place to smear and defame that person until he/she goes away. In this case we have an eBay top rated seller by the name of Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver on YouTube, paid in eBay swag like iPhones, Laptops, shirts and possibly free item listings for life to go after and dox a person that is in the private sector and once a buyer and seller, exposing the wrongdoings of a corporate entity auction giant called eBay Motors.

Hubcapjoes has yet to be released from the platform for abuse despite the overwhelming and clear evidence that he is a “Mad Man Cyberstalker” let loose by eBay handlers to do whatever he wishes without the loss of his seller privileges like any other seller would suffer. CrazeenydriverNYC and Crazeenydriver are not only abusive channels on YouTube but the content is unfriendly for all advertisers.

You will learn that Hubcapjoes is a cyberbully and web stalker. He loves saying bad things about eBay and PayPal on his channel each and every week. He is a spokesman for eBay Inc getting paid in Swag for eBay Promotional Material and Reputation Management services.

Please notify the team at the #Facebook page eBay For Business to report eBay Motors seller Hubcapjoes