President’s Office Notified of Hubcapjoes Violating Privacy Policy on eBay

ebay presidentThe office of the eBay president has just been faxed a packet of information about the ongoing abuse by Hubcapjoes on YouTube mentioning my address and workplace to incite hate against me with his Audience of 14k people.

This is a privacy violation because I am actually signed up on eBay as a user so this legally puts the eBay President and eBay Inc in a tough predicament. Let’s first start with the new call I recently placed to eBay Concierge to report the video made by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes on his YouTube Channel Crazeenydriver that violated my privacy and the terms of use on eBay.

I’m sure eBay Inc, the person in control of his channel will make him edit out the information so just in case we took a screen capture of it for evidence. When I called the eBay president the person working was very professional and said many times “That’s not at all OK with Us”, and “This is Alarming” were his exact words.

I’m pretty sure that the new eBay will do its best to rid people like this off and lets hope it happens quickly. Hubcapjoes also known as Joseph Demarco is a bully to buyers, hates returns and refunds, and complains each week about eBay Policies using scripted audience letters pretending to be different people to hype up his channel. Many if not all of his audience on YouTube is comprised of fake youtube Shill’s and Sock Puppet accounts posting spam.

eBay President Gets Faxed about Hubcapjoes Who is on YouTube abusing Sellers and Buyers of eBay and Getting Away with It. eBay No Longer Trusted and Safe!

Criminal Stalking by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph Demarco Promotes a YouTube Channel about eBay Each Friday and Uploads garbage to other Fake Anonymous Channels Using Cyber-Buddies doing his Dirty Work for Him. In the Original Fox 2 News Hit Piece he Claimed I placed Bids on His Items in 2012 in order to Place Negative Feedback. He used this Bogus Fake News Senario to conjure up a News Piece Against Me Written by Reporter Rob Wolcheck of Fox 2 News WJBK Detroit.

Evidence #1 Hate Speech by eBay Spokesman Hubcapjoes using Central Michigan University Shooting:

Evidence #2 Hate Speech by eBay Spokesman Hubcapjoes Using Parkland Florida School Shooting:

ebay presidentJoe Demarco, a sick deranged Cyber-Bully has admitted to some protections given to him by the Office of eBay President through Brian Burke. This Seller has also admitted he’s in close Contact with Executives to have any complaints on him intercepted. eBay is already a Non-Trusted Platform.

Trust & Safety only Scrutinizes small Sellers and they Leave Top Rated sellers alone, why? Because they Want those Fees. Will eBay remove this Cyber-Bully or will they Continue with this “Black Eye” called Hubcapjoe?

Joe DeMarco (With the Help of his Facebook Friends and eBay Employees) has artificially Created a YouTube Channel full of Spam and reading fake letters that introduce Obscenities, Personal Attacks, and Private Information on eBay Buyers that violate eBay’s Privacy Policy.

None of his real Subscribers even want to hear about anything related to a “Stalker”, they just want help selling on eBay. The Real YouTube Users that visit the Crazeenydriver Channel should also be careful not to click on any of Joe’s Links or reveal any personal identifiable information about themselves.

Evidence of Criminal Stalking by Joseph Demarco using the United States Postal Service Harassing my Employer and threatening my Employment in Michigan..

This is menacing and cyber-stalking, Hubcapjoes business man in Oradell NJ admits in these audio files above that he’s already contacted my workplace and called the FBI on me. This man is dangerous, he’s already had me put on the news.

Below is a copy of his Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions to try and have me terminated for a civil matter brought upon by himself claiming I owe him money for hubcapjoes on a news hit piece.

Also included below is the actual tracking evidence from USPS to prove the tracking numbers were real. What he sent to my workplace can be subpoenaed by a judge if I decide to sue Joseph Demarco and eBay Inc for damages.

This really says a lot about a company like eBay inc when they allow their top rated sellers to cyber stalk, bully and harass former sellers/buyers without any repercussions. Many sellers in the past have gotten NARU’s or account selling suspensions for such abuse on eBay but not this guy. There is a nice lawsuit here waiting to happen!

USPS Tracking info verified to be valid:

Video By Docs Quality Cars of YouTube

If you have been targeted by eBay Inc and by top rated sellers please use the resources below to file your complaints expeditiously, Just Call 866-540-3229..

eBay Inc. License Filing Number 2871352
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