eBay Policies With Ebay Motors Sucks And Ebayisajoke

ebay policies

Ebayisajoke (the masked man) talks eBay Policies with Doc from and Ebay Motors Sucks. Topics include the new buyer protection eBay policies campaign that will inform buyers of the protection they will receive when buying on eBay. This new policy informs the buyers that if they are not happy eBay will refund their money no questions asked. Nothing ever changes other than the fact that eBay continues to wage a war on sellers. Oct 26th buyers will see a banner at the bottom of their account showing how to scam sellers. This will cause sellers to no longer list items over $100. View the ebay buyer protection policy which is effective October 26th. The advertising campaign says “Get the item you ordered or get your money back guaranteed”.

Other topics talked about in the video below is the new eBay Motors search where eBay doesn’t allow the user to search for a vehicle by year first. The user is forced to enter a make and model before entering the year which everyone knows in the vehicle industry is ass backwards. This search simply doesn’t work and needs to be fixed. Again eBay shows they truly don’t know anything about the car business and Roy Daves Senior VP of Sales at eBay Motors should be shown the door for his lack of accountability and responsibility for mistakes made to the platform by the people under him. eBay still to this day has not enabled ID Verify and we are finding more and more phishing scams each day. New sellers at eBay Motors should not be given free listings. This allows new sellers to commit phishing scams on unsuspecting new buyers.

We also talk about the fact that eBay is hiding auctions from google search. If you can’t find your items why list them? eBay needs to go back to basics and work on improving itself instead of having a disruptive mentality against sellers.

eBay Policies are hurting the platform

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