eBay PayPal Split John John Donahoe must Go

ebay paypal split

eBay PayPal Split and John Donahoe must go is like Christmas coming early in July, only it’s October. For years it’s said that John Donahoe has been faking his role as CEO with eBay Inc. John Donahoe the source of many problems with eBay causing a possible split soon with PayPal trying to save what little credibility PayPal has left with it’s buyers and sellers is not going to be an easy task. Geekwire reports a possible split of the auction giant eBay Inc and Payments system PayPal. I have to give kudos to Apple Play for kicking eBay’s shit to the door and forcing an eBay PayPal Split. When a new CEO comes in he’ll be worse just you wait. My prediction of eBay in 2020, they are dissolved and sold out to the highest bunch of “money monkeys”. I also want to say that PayPal’s offering if they go public won’t be worth much more then 8-15 per share. Remember you heard it here folks.

eBay PayPal Split John Donahoe Must go!

Quote by Ric (poster of ecommerce bytes)

“John Donahoe has been faking it as CEO since assuming the role.

His three year turn around plan, now in year seven going on eight failed buyers, sellers, investors and eBay miserably.

Arrogance alone is not a leadership quality that inspires the public, so with that being all Donahoe had in his bag of tricks it was blatantly obvious he was going to fail, the only question has been when.

You do not take on an investor who has over 30.8 million shares of stock, call his bluff, and survive when quarter after quarter, earnings reports show that you can not grow sales as you promised.

The fact that Donahoe is going to sit on the boards for both companies after the separation means little.

More troubling is the fact that Donahoe hand picked his successor.

Remember, when she was leaving, Meg Whitman hand picked the monkey to drive the eBay train and we got Donahoe, I have no doubts that Mr Wenig is cut from the same cloth as Donahoe. If Mr Wenig was not a Donahoe clone, JD would never have selected him.”

I have to admit Ric hits the nail right on the head.