eBay PayPal Business Stealth Accounts Are Legal

eBay PayPal Business stealth accounts are a legal method to getting back on eBay.

eBay PayPal Business

eBay PayPal Business Accounts are legal and PayPal nor eBay has the right to suspend, NARU or turn a legal business away based on the proprietor’s personal information or the inability to acquire it. EIN or employee identification numbers are used to protect the privacy of the officers of the business. It is not illegal to create a business LLC account to get back on eBay as a seller if you have already been kicked off as a private individual. It only means that you as a private citizen are banned from signing up with your birth name, your legal business entity can still sign up and sell through a business account. eBay or PayPal do not have the right to deny services based the lack of information gathered on a sole proprietor of that business. They are not a bank and are not technically held under the Federal Banking regulatory guidelines or US laws governing business or e-commerce. If eBay or PayPal try to force you to give up your personal information after signing up as a Business LLC, please report eBay Inc to the state of California’s business licensing board and also the board in your own state to have their Business License revoked for consumer fraud.

eBay will try to pull a phishing scam on you to do a soft credit check over the phone in order to tie someone’s personal information to linked accounts. This is illegal and not necessary to verify a business. It is also not illegal to own a PO Box for your business. eBay and PayPal is the only company that forces small businesses to use a regular address, also against the law. A business has the right to accept mail at an address or at a PO Box. If you are a small LLC business never give out your personal details about yourself to eBay Inc. Businesses cannot perform credit checks on other business entities for the sole purpose of trying to link a name and address to a banned personal account.

Soft credit checks are used by eBay and PayPal when they ask you to call in to be verified in order to discriminate against you because of your income status, this is also against the law. Banks have a right to do credit checks on you for loans, businesses don’t have a right to do them for providing services. They pish for your private information to match up your last four numbers of your social security number to their data base. If you are a LLC registered business you are only required to give them your EIN number and not your social security number.

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