eBay Open 2018 Vegas Fail Says eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

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eBay Open 2018 Vegas fail says eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes on his Crazeenydriver YouTube Channel due to turnout and cost cutting this year. #ebaynewsroom #ebay @askebay @paypal @askpaypal

eBay seller Hubcapjoes talks about how eBay Open 2018 was a great big fail. The event was three days and many people including eBay and PayPal employees didn’t even show leaving eBay sellers disappointed.

On July 24th, 25th and 26th of 2018 the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel and Casino hosted the event for eBay Inc. Hubcapjoes states that 2k sellers came to the event. 500 of those people worked for eBay or catered for the event. Only 1500 sellers actually showed and a limited amount of employees from eBay and PayPal showed, but it wasn’t near enough and sellers were left disappointed and feeling fleeced. One seller “Thrifting Jon” says that he will not be attending anymore of these events and that it’s just a “Money Grab” for eBay Inc.

Devin Wenig Speaks at eBay Open 2018

Part 1

Part 2

eBay Open 2018 Executive Team

eBay employees that actually Attended are:

Bob Kupbens – VP, Seller & Marketplace Operations
Brian Burke – Director, Community Development at eBay
Devin Wenig – President and CEO, eBay

Let me discuss now a little bit about eBay Open 2018 and seller hubcapjoes (Official eBay Spokesman), and how he likes to abuse buyers. eBay seller Hubcapjoes or Hubcap Joe AKA Joseph Demarco runs a Hubcap shop in Oradell NJ where he sits in his store all day with no business walkins and loves to sit on the internet to terrorize his former buyers that file complaints or SNAD cases against him. He also goes after eBay Critics by doxing their employer and home address, he’ll even go to the extent of sending someone’s employer registered letters telling them they have a gun and that their dangerous and eBay condones and allows him to do it. Hubcap Joe is a Gangstalker, stalking myself currently and another elderly man in Florida that used to sell Cars on eBay Motors named Docs Quality Cars, who also runs a blog at DocsQualityCars.com

Hubcap Joe along with his Russian friends have been caught ddos’ing our websites and sending information packets out to various people telling them we’re dangerous. Joseph Demarco has even gone to the extent of having a man named Jason Paul Decanio follow “Doc” to his church to get information on where he goes daily in order to use it against him. Hubcap Joe and Jason Paul Decanio sent a letter to Doc’s church telling them he should be removed from the church and his church did exactly that until the situation was resolved by Doc and his Pastor.

Hubcapjoes Bashes eBay Open 2018

Hubcap Joe also uses many fake unverified anonymous YouTube channels to upload abusive repulsive bullying content about people and then incites YouTubers to do dirty work for him from his main channel. We have enough evidence now to link eBay and Hubcapjoes with fraud. Joseph Demarco is currently working at the Bergen County Jail while his brother works in the Hubcap Shop, and he also gets paid by eBay with Swag, free shipping supplies and seller perks by eBay to abuse people on the internet. Until eBay removes him as a seller we will continue to bash ebay Inc into the ground with SEO.

YouTube Troll Wars by Docs Quality Cars

YouTube Troll Wars Starring EBay Seller Hubcap Joe


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