Offshore Web Host Used For DDOSing eBay Critics

eBay Offshore Web Host

Offshore Web Host Used For DDOSing eBay Critics. eBay YouTube Shill Tactics are being used by Mattzolo AKA TheBossTRS, AKA BossTheTRS, with a previously suspended YouTube account BossTRS, he is just a Big Ass Clown of Mother Russia because he throws up these videos on his Russian Federation hosted website like throwing mud at the wall hoping something will stick. We think the server may be owned by CEO John Donahoe eBay Inc on loan to Joseph DeMarco of Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube, Blue Angel Hosting which is a hosting web solution ran on a Russian Federation co-located server in Moscow and it’s illegally posting a United States citizen’s personal information without permission and without a privacy policy statement on their hosting solutions page, not even the report spam link works! Would you trust a hosting company that operated like this? We did contact them about the website Mattzolo and Joseph DeMarco runs to see if we get a response with this article’s URL, maybe they won’t like the heat they get.

When Ebayisajoke emailed Blue Angel Host asking them to remove the site or the copyrighted content the administrator CEO Sunil Shahzad said he would only if I had a good reason. He was told that Joseph Demarco and his friend was placing copyrighted content on the site. We have a feeling someone at eBay Inc may be paying for this server in order to slander violate Ebayisajoke’s copyrighted content.

Sunil Shahzad CEO, Offshore Webhosting IP Address: Registrar is ENOM Inc. Illegal website possible FBI Investigation and probe. Russian Federation (Moscow) Mir Telematiki Ltd, other websites include:,, and appears to have some illegal key generator (Keygen) on it and involved in hacking and cheat software piracy activities of some sort. Call +971-55-9320075 for more information on their offshore hosting.

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Offshore Web Host

eBay Inc. or Liveworld has been trying to force eBayisajoke off YouTube for years now because he promotes Amazon Associates and makes tons of money. Like Doc would say from eBay Motors Sucks, “Stinks like Dead Fish”. Mattzolo has accused eBayisajoke of posting Keith Detwiler’s private address information online. Again we will make the BossTRS who thinks he’s a top rated seller on eBay (Mattzolo) and wannabe code slinger look like a dead fish fool and show him that Keith Detwiler AKA King Pin of YouTube already had his information posted on a public website. This video below shows proof of where we got Keith’s information and photo of him in his driveway. Oh boy Mattzolo, you really do look like a Big Ass Clown.

eBay Offshore Web Host

The following is an Audio Recording of a previous Skype Podcast interview done with Ebayisajoke by Doc of Ebay Motors Sucks on 7/27/13. If there is any evidence of stalking or bullying it’s being done from Team eBay and this site clearly reveals who is actually involved which is Joseph DeMarco, Spokonzaga Pete, Mattzolo, Moomert1 and our friend in the UK that likes to make the stupid big ass clown videos. Team eBay will not win. Our site will expose everything they do on YouTube and off.