Notary Fraud possibly linking eBay seller Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes to smear campaign and ISIS in Tehrān

While it’s legal for a Notary Public to Notarize a legal document for other jurisdictions, using someone’s stamp from another State or committing Notary fraud is not! Notary fraud is a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000. I have been investigating eBay Inc and seller hubcapjoes for over four years and counting until he has been removed from doing business on eBay. Hubcap Joe’s side business driving a Limo may be the only business he has in 2016 once eBay gives him his well deserved MC999.

Just when you think there’s nothing more to find on Hubcapjoes and eBay Inc, something else pops up! You can believe I’ll ad more important information to this article in the coming hours/days so stay tuned eBay!

Notary Fraud or Someone at eBay Notarizing Sworn Documents!

Update: 11/15/2015

The following law firm is very interested in this article since their IP address keeps appearing on our logs, I’ve seen fit to block them from all my websites so they can no longer trespass on my web properties.

Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohen L.L.P
660 Woodward, Suite 2290
First National Building
Detroit, MI 48226

Logged ip address of law firm:

If they would like to keep their client involved in harassing me in my personal life, I have to document information of all parties for public record.

Update: 12/24/2016

Address on file for Rannan Jafari Eskandari:
679 San Leon, Irvine CA 92606
Let’s see if this address matches what he has on file with the CA notary office.

Maybe I can get him to comment on the document that was stamped for Fox 2 News? Does eBay have ties to Tehrān?
Read the eBay may be funding ISIS article I wrote a while back about Hubcapjoes and how he may be linked to the ISIS teorroist group.

Zahra Eskandari Sister of Rannan Eskandari, no photo available yet for Rannan.