eBay Murika Hitler eCommerce Corporate Scum CEO

MurikaIt is my opinion that eBay Inc is the hawkish, Chistian-Right version of Corporate America. Often compared to being the “Hitler” of auction platforms that continues to allow abuse and scams in order to defraud hard working Americans out of their money, I believe eBay can someday redeem itself. Yes some say that the leader and F├╝hrer Devin Wenig is now trying to follow in the footsteps of ex CEO John Donahoe by implementing destructive new policies that drive small sellers away while allowing big top rated sellers to profit. eBay the Murika is nothing but a giant online eCommerce trap for the beginning seller that thinks they can get rich at home by selling their old stuff from the attic think otherwise. eBay use to be a trusted community but when the Corporate dummies took it over it became a cesspool of filthy Hubcaps.

Some Compare eBay to the German Army

Definition of Murika

Corporate, hawkish Christian-Right version of America. Often compared to the America that invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Somewhat synonymous with the Spanish Inquisition and the German Army SS in their disregard for the inaccuracy of torture-derived surveillance.

eBay Murika – Traffic & Search Glitches

It’s been alleged that eBay doesn’t have any in house programmers to make fixes or do maintenance on their website. We recently noticed glitches in many areas of the site where users are having issues with their accounts. We also noticed old eBay sub domains that aren’t being redirected back to the main site just sitting there as dead 404 links. Wouldn’t you wish to retain this traffic? many Webmasters know to redirect those url’s back. eBay Seller Hubcapjoes on the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel points out many glitches each week from his channel. We have to thank him for letting the community know about all the eBay Glitches.